Monday, May 27, 2013

San Diego Eats :: Brunch at The Craftsman

We did something this weekend that we never do.

We tried a new restaurant.

But not just one... we tried six new restaurants to be exact. In one [long] weekend. 
It. Was. Awesome.

One of the six was one that we'd happened upon one day by sheer accident. We were headed to lunch at a Mexican food restaurant next door when we noticed The Craftsman. The cute, rustic interior caught my eye and Spencer was sold when he saw a pig (bacon) as a highlight to the menu. We knew we had to try it.

We stopped by Sunday afternoon for brunch, and holy cow are we glad we did! With live music, bottomless mimosas, and a few insanely delicious breakfast selections, we were settling in for a great day. I went with the Eggs Benedict while Spencer stuck with the All American Breakfast. The Eggs Benedict had a roasted red pepper hollandaise sauce that was slightly peppery and completely delicious. Spencer's All American was simple, but served with some kind of apple cinnamon jam that tasted straight from heaven. Both were exceptional.

Needless to say, we'll be back. Again and again :)

decisions, decisions.
looooove the interior of this place and loooooove those mimosas!
my handsome date.
hello, blue eyes!
eggs benedict. 
it took some serious restraint not to get this dessert.
i've had it once before and it still haunts my dreams. 
full tummy and happy. 

Where's your favorite brunch stop? What's your favorite dish?


Janice with Word of Mouth Designs said...

Six restaurants?!?!? That would be like eating at every restaurant in Brenham. Well ... almost. I like that "bottomless" preceded "mimosas" on the menu. :)

afairlie said...

Yes... Six! TWo meals/day for three days :) Glorious!

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