Wednesday, May 29, 2013

San Diego Eats :: Dinner at Casa Sol y Mar

As I mentioned, we were busy this weekend. Busy eating. 

Another one of our most anticipated new places to try was Diane Powers' Casa Sol y Mar in Del Mar. We were anxious to try this one for several reasons:
  1. We LOVE Mexican food. 
  2. We're pretty big fans of Diane Powers' other two restaurants (Casa de Bandini & Casa Guadalajara). 
  3. It's walking distance from our house [hello, second margarita!]. 
We were already familiar with the style of the restaurant which is over-the-top in Old Mexico charm. When we first stepped foot into Casa de Bandini two years ago, my first thought was "well, this is comical" as I looked around the room seeing donkey after donkey and saddle blanket after saddle blanket complete with waitresses adorned in colorful costumes. I think we'll both admit, we judged that proverbial book a little too quickly. It ended up being one of our favorite places to eat, so much so that we will still make the 'pilgrimage' to Carlsbad to eat there. Until now.

We were both pumped to find that the newest member of the Diane Powers' family would be moving in "next door" to our little community and couldn't wait to try it out! Of course, I had a margarita (my favorite!) and cheese enchiladas. Spencer tried a new dish: Pollo Fundido (a flash fried burrito topped with a creamy jalapeño cheese sauce). I couldn't decide on a favorite. They were both SO good! We kicked back on the patio and enjoyed the night. 

a beautiful evening for some patio dining!
i just discovered you can order your margarita with extra salt.
mind. blown.
where are the enchiladas!?
oh, right. under all of that goodness :)  
look at the size of that thing! delish. 
enjoying the evening :) 
hasta luego!
we'll be back :) 


Saskia said...

dear lord...I could eat all of that RIGHT NOW!!! Oh, how I love thy mexican food.

afairlie said...

It was so good, Sas! But it's not Tex-Mex!! :(

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