Sunday, June 30, 2013

bye, bye, bye.

While I would normally save such a post for something of the 'Transformation Tuesday' variety, I couldn't possibly wait that long. I went in today for a little haircut, and...

Holy pixie cut! Where'd my hair go?!

It's actually called an asymmetrical pixie, as one side is longer than the other. This is my first asymmetrical cut as well as my first pixie cut. 
What can I say? I like to live on the edge. :) 

The element of surprise it offers is pretty great. From this side it's all 'Oh what a cute bob cut! It's short... but classic!'

Then I turn my head and it's like 'whaaaa?'

At least, that's the reaction I've been getting :) 

I'm curious to see how the next couple of days will go. You know... the whole 'doing it yourself at home' deal. It's generally has a 50/50 success rating. Currently, there's a ton more product holding it up than I would normally ever use. However! I'm told that this style is actually quite flexible (who knew?).  I can style it 'messy' [as pictured] or use a round brush and make it smooth and sleek. Or, if ever in the mood for a little symmetry in my life, I can just part it to the opposite side and it should take on the shape of a short bob. I like the options!

This cut certainly isn't anything I would ever normally do... but I was in the mood for a change, and my stylist [and boyfriend!] had been practically begging me to do it for months. I'd toyed with the idea, but finally took the plunge today. It's edgy and fun. Just in time for summer!

Oh! And what do you think about that lipstick? It's MAC's Candy Yum Yum and I LOVE it! It's all kinds of Barbie pink, but it's so fun and girly. Definitely not an everyday look, but is so fun to play dress up with. And bonus! It looks great on everyone!


Thursday, June 27, 2013

fair time & a new way to follow!

Last weekend we had the pleasure of attending the San Diego County Fair. This was a first for both of us since living in CA, though I'm not exactly a stranger to the fair :)

My hometown has one of the best fairs in the world. It's a little small town fair that still does rodeos, giant corn dogs on a stick, petting zoos, fair queens, and blue ribbons. It's beyond charming. That's not to say that there's not the fair share (pun intended) of big name headliners, cattle shows, auctions, and contests--but in my mind, it's still the same place from my childhood where you put on your jeans & boots, pay for your beer with a wooden nickel and spend countless hours sampling homemade jellies & salsas in the big metal barn. God bless Texas.

Though it didn't conjure up the same old nostalgic memories, the San Diego County Fair still had the general foundation on which to build a good, old fashioned day of fun: animals and fried food on a stick.

I mean... how could you go wrong?

Like two triathlons training for the big day, Spencer and I counted every calorie for a week prior to the festivities knowing full well we would be taking advantage. Here we are, a week later, still battling those added pounds (whoops), but as much as I hate to admit it... they were worth it :)

Here's a little photo journey of our fair day :)
Naturally... I only took food photos. You people know I have priorities! 

so... allegedly there was free parking a couple of blocks from our house.

there was, but there wasn't.

we ended up driving 10 minutes out of the way in order to take a shuttle right back to where we came from.

oh! and the shuttle was a big yellow dog! win. 
first stop!

honey was not going home until he got his paws on that bacon wrapped corn dog.

thanks, but no thanks :) 
yep... i found the one booth at the whole fair that had the deep fried reese's.

i would've taken a picture... but i ate it all.  
a gigantic maple doughnut topped with bacon?


ps--look at that sunburn! it was a long day :) 
Oh, we also had a great time with our friends, toured the animal barns and vendor booths, and strolled through the entire campus... but I never feel a need to take a picture of those type of things.

Giant fried maple doughnut? Where's my camera...

Last but not least! I've recently added a 'subscribe by email' feature to the blog. If you'd like to be notified whenever I make a post, just type in your email address to the right of the screen and hit submit. Don't worry... I'm not saying anything remotely interesting enough to drop whatever you're doing in your day to read about my little life--but the option is there for you either way!

Have a wonderful weekend!

[happy hour] boyfriend's old fashioned

Eep! I have a special treat today :)

After a lot of pleading, boyfriend has agreed to let me do a little photo tutorial of his old fashioned recipe... and let me tell you, this isn't one you'll want to miss! :)

He always treats me to these on Sunday evenings in honor of our weekly Mad Men date. Aren't we romantic? Cocktails and DVR ;) Win!

Anyway, he has perfected the old fashioned and I can't wait for you to try it! Grab a couple of glasses and let's get muddling :)

the cast of characters.

you will need:
[2] cocktails glasses
[2-4] sugar cubes (depending on your taste)
dash of aromatic bitters
[2] cherries
[2] orange wedges, plus more for garnish
[2-3] parts bourbon *depending on how frisky you feel ;)
muddler (we got ours at world market)
start by tossing down an orange wedge.

grab a sugar cube, and soak completely with bitters.
we like 2 sugar cubes per drink, but it's all about personal preference!

*most recipes for an old fashioned call for 'a dash of bitters'... this is boyfriend's approach and it works like a charm!
add a cherry to each glass. 
then muddle like your life depends on it! ;)

this releases the juices from the fruit, exfoliates and marries the flavors together. 
pour 2-3 parts bourbon per glass, add ice, and stir.
garnish with an orange wedge and you're set!

pull up a chair and sip your fabulous fifties style cocktail!

I hope you guys enjoy this one! It is sooooo good!

Cheers! It's almost Friday!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

{DIY} glitter-podge terra cotta pot

Hi friends! I wanted to share with you a super easy [and incredibly cute!] DIY from this weekend. 

Our offices recently moved across town (yay, shorter commute!) and I was fortunate to upgrade my cubicle situation. I now have a much larger work space with tons of natural light! I decided those reasons alone entitled me to a little office companion of the perennial variety. Settling on a succulent was easy, but I wasn't going to be satisfied with a store bought container.

So naturally, I DIY'd it :)


Call it my new obsession... but mod podge + glitter goes together like peanut butter & jelly, salt & pepper, wine + real housewives... you get my drift. I love this look!

My first attempts at glitter-podging were highly unsuccessful. If you caught my Instagram pic a few days ago, you'll remember that my original intentions were for a glitter-podged wine glass instead of a terra cotta pot. To best preserve my crafty ego, I will simply say that idea went into the 'failed' category. I accidentally made my first layer of pod-podge too thick and it peeled right off like a cheap band-aid :) After some Googling, I realized this is a total rookie mistake (what nerve I have!) and I would be laughed out of the mod-podgers fan club... but c'est la vie! 

I haven't abandoned my fab wine glass idea, but in the meantime will keep my sparkly intentions with this super cute pot! I love the simplistic, semi-rustic look of the terra cotta with a band of twinkle :)
Here's what you'll need to make one of your own!

[1] terra cotta pot
[2] glitter
[3] mod podge (I like the matte version)
[4] soft paint brush
[5] sheet of paper (to catch excess glitter) 

[how to]
[1] Apply a thin(!) layer of mod-podge to the top lip of the pot.
[2] Holding your pot over the sheet of paper, sprinkle the glitter all the way around, until you have completely covered the mod-podge. Lightly press the glitter into the gluey-ness to help it stick, then gently shake the excess on to your paper. Return any extra glitter to its container.
[3] Let dry completely, and repeat steps 1&2 once more.
[4] Seal glitter into place by applying 1-2 more layers of mod-podge.
[5] Let dry, plant a little cutie, and admire your work!

I love the way this little guy looks on my desk at home so much... I might need to make a second! ;)

Tee hee :)

Have a wonderful week! :)

Monday, June 24, 2013

let's go, monday!

It’s MONDAY and I’ve got my red manicure on and coffee in hand! I'm digging the red... despite a couple of jagged edges I've been too lazy to scrub off yet... ;)
Hope you all have a wonderful week! It’s going to be another crazy one, but I’ve got two fun posts in the wings ready and waiting for you guys this week, so come back and see me! :)
PS—I tried the cooking spray on a wet manicure technique and holy cow… it’s legit! My nails were dry in record time.
PSS—I promise I am limiting my ‘a beautiful mess’ application to fewer and far between :) Boyfriend had a little intervention with me this weekend… my ‘messing’ is out of control! It’s a work in progress… :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

{Recipe} summer berry protein salad

Guys, I LOVE me some salads.

I spent the better part of my life haaaating them because I didn't like lettuce. To that point that when I would eat somewhere that serves salads before the entrees [think Olive Garden, Red Lobster, etc.] I would always order the 'kid equivalent' first course. This was typically a bowl of applesauce.

Seriously. I was the 16-year old at the table eating applesauce.

Thankfully since then I've snapped out of it, put on my big girl pants, and decided to venture out into the produce aisle. Woohoo! They also make a regular appearance in my lunch box.

I find that when I bring my lunch from home, I tend to eat much healthier than when left to my own devices. In fact, that's a rule for me. If I packed it, it's gotta be healthy.

I know... I'm such a fun sponge.

But it must be! Or I would weight 1.2 tons (an approximate measurement). Why?

Because I like chocolate... and beer... and white carbs!
Oh my!

This past week, I was on a mission to find an inexpensive, quick and easy, (and healthy!) lunch fix that could be tossed together in a matter of minutes, requiring little to no effort, and keep me full for the rest of the day. A mighty task, but I think I found a pretty good solution.

Cue the summer berry protein salad. 

This one is a lunchtime winner! The pre-cooked chicken or tofu gives the fuel needed to power through the rest of the day, and the berries add a super yummy sweetness to a good, crunchy salad. And the BEST part about it is... it's EASY! I put the ingredients in individual sandwich baggies and combine when I'm ready to eat. This keeps my salad nice and fresh when I'm ready for it, instead of getting soggy in the fridge :) It's so yummy--I know you guys will love it!


Summer Berry Protein Salad
  • Handful of your favorite berries
    • I like raspberries and blueberries!
  • 1/4 cup fat-free feta
  • Pre-cooked chicken slices (in the refrigerated meat section)
    • Or tofu, for those of you non-meat eaters :)
  • 2 Tbsp. Ken's brand raspberry pomegranate salad dressing
  • 1/8 cup sliced almonds (optional)
  • 2 cups baby spinach
Arrange berries, feta, chicken and almonds on top of spinach. Top with dressing.

 Dig in. 

Happy Weekend!

Monday, June 17, 2013

my favorite 'm' things.

No... Monday isn't one of them.

Today is Monday, but despite that minor detail, I'm thinking about all of the other 'm' words from this past weekend and today that I do love and appreciate!

manicure monday!
as part of my whole 'look better, feel better' resolution concept this year, i've taken to painting my nails on sunday nights.
guess what?!
this small act really does help to improve my monday!

as does this 'golden-i' color from sally hansen: hard as nails.

it's soooo james bond, no?

thanks to ashley over at fancy ashley, i've become obsessed with these!
i started with her original recipe for the fancy-ito [which i loved!] but tried the original mojito tonight... and wow!
i think i found my official drink of summer.

who's complaining?
*hint: not me. 

i'm sorry, but...


spencer's mom sent me this fabulous little beach tote. i loved it sooo much as is, i knew i'd love it even more with a custom monogram! i'm glad i sprung for it -- it' makes the whole bag, don't you think?

happy mail!

i took a fat stack of happies to the post office this weekend.
shipping supplies just make me giddy.

milkshakes + my man!

a two-fer!

we ate at burger lounge last night, and decided to split a brownie milkshake.

"excuse me?", you might ask.

well, you're excused because this thing is the

it's essentially a chocolate milkshake, blended with a salted caramel brownie, topped with whipped cream.

um, hello?
spencer said when the waitress described what it was, my eyes grew to the size of gum balls.
he asked me "what do you think?", and though i must have blacked out... because i don't recall the question or response... i managed:

"who-wha-whatever you think"
*nervous giggle*

the shake was incredible... oh, and my man isn't so bad, either ;)

Cheers, peeps! Only four more days, but who's counting?! ;)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

light & airy

I finished another shawl. For myself.

I'm selfish!

This was my first attempt at [actual] lace, albeit 'easy lace' at that. This was also my first time to attempt the picot bind-off and blocking a lace project.

I love how light & airy it looks and feels in the breeze. Can't wait to accessorize with it this summer!

Not too shabby for the first time on all fronts, but needs improvement. Good thing I've got a LOT of yarn to go around... ;)

Monday, June 10, 2013

just another [manic monday]

Can we all just give a collective "UGH" that today is Monday, yet again!?

Much as I've tried to make it more tolerable [with a venti iced coffee and an at-home purple glittery manicure], the fact remains that it's MONDAY.

It will be quiet on the blog-front this week. One office relocation and four deadlines later, I hope I make it out alive! :)

Cheers to a quick week!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

the family that buys matching vw's together...

Well, my lovie just couldn't let me have the spotlight for too long :) 

He's the proud new owner of a Jetta GLI and I couldn't be happier for him!

He test drove this gorgeous car [in white] at the dealership while I was shopping around for my Passat. He loved the car... but wasn't totally sold on the white. Our wonderful sales team (seriously... if you're in San Diego and looking for an honest deal on a great car, I know a guy!) gave him a great price and even tracked down a car with the color + package he was after. The car arrived by Thursday afternoon, and we went to check things out on Saturday morning. Boyfriend wanted to make sure that it was exactly what he wanted first. We parked in the customer lot, and glanced around... but no sign of the GLI. As we made our way around the front of the building, I heard him say "oh... there it is".

Parked out front of the dealership was a gorgeous, sparkly new GLI with a bright orange "SOLD" sign on front. I have an affinity for white cars, which is why I was perfectly satisfied with the white one, but after seeing this charcoal grey there was no doubt in either of our minds this was the car for him. The interior is a gorgeous black leather with red stitching--which only further exacerbates our love of all things TTU. About an hour later, all the papers were signed and we were headed to lunch in a pretty new car!
top: target  |  shorts: j.crew
flip-flops: j.crew  |  earrings: local boutique  |  bracelets: madewell
I wore my best car-shopping swag, since I was pretty sure we were coming home with a new ride. ;) Dress to impress, right!?
(Really... I just wanted a good excuse to wear my awesome, new neon orange shorts!)

Car shopping took up most of our Saturday, and Sunday was spent doing all of the usual things for both of us. I did, however, take an opportunity for some D.E.A.R. time (remember that!?) with my favorite Golden Retriever on the patio. An iced coffee and a s'mores cupcake may or may not have been involved...

I also [finally] got some sussies shipped off! My sweet friend Catharine requested this navy ostrich leather-look bow cuff, and the braided bracelets were a sort of 'thank-you' gift to Paige, whom you might remember sent me the awesome monogrammed wine glass :) I met both of these girls in the Interior Design program at Texas Tech and just adore them both! I am considering making the braided, leather-look summer bracelets available in my Etsy shop. I've made a couple of them for myself, and love the versatility of them. They can be casual or as an accessory to your everyday look. You can wear one or 5 of them on one arm, or twist them together to create one chunky cuff. What do you think? Leave it or list it? ;) 

We've just returned home from a date night happy hour, and a long walk with the dog. We're just finishing up some laundry and getting ready for the week ahead. I already know... it's going to be a tough one. Our offices are relocating... and amidst all that, I'm busier now than ever. It always goes that way, doesn't it?

Hope you have a wonderful week, sweet readers! 

Friday, June 7, 2013

latest [& greatest] ootd

Thanks to a recent closet clean-out proceeding a Memorial Day sale, I now have a couple of new pairs of pants and sparkle to add to my every day wardrobe. Remember, I'm trying to be better at this whole 'accessorizing' thing. I know how to do it... I'm just lazy :) 

 Here are some ootd's from this past week. 

um, what? pink pants?
told you guys i was obsessing over pink lately :)

top: stein mart  |  pants: NY&Co
pumps: nine west  |  bling: NY&Co
one of my favorite tops of all time :)
top: NY&Co  |  skinny jeans: NY&Co
pumps: nine west  |  bauble necklace: bellum & rogue  |  gold cuff: world market

i will forever think of my high school colors when i see kelly green & white.
top: banana republic  |  skinny jeans: NY&Co
wedges: american eagle for payless  |  bling ring: forever 21

Can I just get a Vicki Gunvalson style WOOOOOHOOOOOO that it's the weekend!!!! This has been one long week and I am happy to see it behind me. 


On that note... 

Cheers, people! Clink those glasses and toast to a nice, long, relaxing weekend... wherever you are!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

spotlight on :: may designs!

Soooo, I'm a bit of a nerd.

I'll be the first to admit that little tidbit.

I loooooove making lists. Grocery lists, to-do lists, to-knit lists, to-read lists... the "list" goes on and on :) There is no greater satisfaction than highlighting off those completed items (because striking through them makes me insane).

What's more... the notebook must be conducive to list making! It has to be cute, ruled, and monogrammed.

Cue May Designs.

I discovered this fabulous little paper company a little under a year ago, and have been gifting their designs ever since! They specialize in Maybooks :: custom designed notebooks, organizers, calendars, pregnancy journals, fitness journals, etc. and Maynotes ::  custom designed stationary.

The concept is simple: chose your book (or note) canvas from a variety of background options, then chose your text [name, monogram, phrase, quote... whatever you want!]. For the books, choose your inside (or back side for the notes), and you're all finished! Easy peasy :)

These are some recent ones I stocked up on. My Maybooks obsession has catapulted me into multiple books for multiple tasks. I know... I'm a lost cause :)

a fun little 'foodie' themed notebook for my mom.
my everyday to-do list notebook :)
for all of my 'knit notes'.
whaaat? yes.
i am that dedicated to this blog.
this notebook is a place for me to jot down thoughts, ideas, and future blog posts.
yes, it's necessary!
for my grocery list(s), duh!
this one was a total accidental order :)
i was just messing around with making notecards and accidentally added it to my cart.
luckily, it's cute!  
obsessed with anchors?
I mean, really. You can spend hours on this website, designing your own custom creations! I love the slogan, too... :)

heh. ;)
Check them out! And happy designing!