Tuesday, June 25, 2013

{DIY} glitter-podge terra cotta pot

Hi friends! I wanted to share with you a super easy [and incredibly cute!] DIY from this weekend. 

Our offices recently moved across town (yay, shorter commute!) and I was fortunate to upgrade my cubicle situation. I now have a much larger work space with tons of natural light! I decided those reasons alone entitled me to a little office companion of the perennial variety. Settling on a succulent was easy, but I wasn't going to be satisfied with a store bought container.

So naturally, I DIY'd it :)


Call it my new obsession... but mod podge + glitter goes together like peanut butter & jelly, salt & pepper, wine + real housewives... you get my drift. I love this look!

My first attempts at glitter-podging were highly unsuccessful. If you caught my Instagram pic a few days ago, you'll remember that my original intentions were for a glitter-podged wine glass instead of a terra cotta pot. To best preserve my crafty ego, I will simply say that idea went into the 'failed' category. I accidentally made my first layer of pod-podge too thick and it peeled right off like a cheap band-aid :) After some Googling, I realized this is a total rookie mistake (what nerve I have!) and I would be laughed out of the mod-podgers fan club... but c'est la vie! 

I haven't abandoned my fab wine glass idea, but in the meantime will keep my sparkly intentions with this super cute pot! I love the simplistic, semi-rustic look of the terra cotta with a band of twinkle :)
Here's what you'll need to make one of your own!

[1] terra cotta pot
[2] glitter
[3] mod podge (I like the matte version)
[4] soft paint brush
[5] sheet of paper (to catch excess glitter) 

[how to]
[1] Apply a thin(!) layer of mod-podge to the top lip of the pot.
[2] Holding your pot over the sheet of paper, sprinkle the glitter all the way around, until you have completely covered the mod-podge. Lightly press the glitter into the gluey-ness to help it stick, then gently shake the excess on to your paper. Return any extra glitter to its container.
[3] Let dry completely, and repeat steps 1&2 once more.
[4] Seal glitter into place by applying 1-2 more layers of mod-podge.
[5] Let dry, plant a little cutie, and admire your work!

I love the way this little guy looks on my desk at home so much... I might need to make a second! ;)

Tee hee :)

Have a wonderful week! :)


Anonymous said...

Super cute!

afairlie said...

Thanks, lady! :)

Janice with Word of Mouth Designs said...

You weren't allowed to play with glitter as a child, were you? Love the sparkle!!

afairlie said...

Ironically... NO, I wasn't! :)

TDavenport said...

I love the cute little pot! So much so that I think I'm gonna make one myself! I haven't ever used mod podge before but have been needing an excuse to buy some....looks like I got my excuse! ;-)

afairlie said...

Tiffany: You sure do! It's sooo addicting... so watch out! :) I also want to try and do a fabric wrapped pot, too!

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