Thursday, June 27, 2013

fair time & a new way to follow!

Last weekend we had the pleasure of attending the San Diego County Fair. This was a first for both of us since living in CA, though I'm not exactly a stranger to the fair :)

My hometown has one of the best fairs in the world. It's a little small town fair that still does rodeos, giant corn dogs on a stick, petting zoos, fair queens, and blue ribbons. It's beyond charming. That's not to say that there's not the fair share (pun intended) of big name headliners, cattle shows, auctions, and contests--but in my mind, it's still the same place from my childhood where you put on your jeans & boots, pay for your beer with a wooden nickel and spend countless hours sampling homemade jellies & salsas in the big metal barn. God bless Texas.

Though it didn't conjure up the same old nostalgic memories, the San Diego County Fair still had the general foundation on which to build a good, old fashioned day of fun: animals and fried food on a stick.

I mean... how could you go wrong?

Like two triathlons training for the big day, Spencer and I counted every calorie for a week prior to the festivities knowing full well we would be taking advantage. Here we are, a week later, still battling those added pounds (whoops), but as much as I hate to admit it... they were worth it :)

Here's a little photo journey of our fair day :)
Naturally... I only took food photos. You people know I have priorities! 

so... allegedly there was free parking a couple of blocks from our house.

there was, but there wasn't.

we ended up driving 10 minutes out of the way in order to take a shuttle right back to where we came from.

oh! and the shuttle was a big yellow dog! win. 
first stop!

honey was not going home until he got his paws on that bacon wrapped corn dog.

thanks, but no thanks :) 
yep... i found the one booth at the whole fair that had the deep fried reese's.

i would've taken a picture... but i ate it all.  
a gigantic maple doughnut topped with bacon?


ps--look at that sunburn! it was a long day :) 
Oh, we also had a great time with our friends, toured the animal barns and vendor booths, and strolled through the entire campus... but I never feel a need to take a picture of those type of things.

Giant fried maple doughnut? Where's my camera...

Last but not least! I've recently added a 'subscribe by email' feature to the blog. If you'd like to be notified whenever I make a post, just type in your email address to the right of the screen and hit submit. Don't worry... I'm not saying anything remotely interesting enough to drop whatever you're doing in your day to read about my little life--but the option is there for you either way!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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