Monday, June 10, 2013

just another [manic monday]

Can we all just give a collective "UGH" that today is Monday, yet again!?

Much as I've tried to make it more tolerable [with a venti iced coffee and an at-home purple glittery manicure], the fact remains that it's MONDAY.

It will be quiet on the blog-front this week. One office relocation and four deadlines later, I hope I make it out alive! :)

Cheers to a quick week!!


Anonymous said...

What is this adorable photo app you are using?! I want!!

afairlie said...

Allison: It's called "A Beautiful Mess"... BEST .99 I ever spent!!

Anonymous said...

Oh that is a blog that I love, love, love! Awesome!

afairlie said...

Allison: ME TOO!!!! and now they have an app... yeah!!!

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