Saturday, June 15, 2013

light & airy

I finished another shawl. For myself.

I'm selfish!

This was my first attempt at [actual] lace, albeit 'easy lace' at that. This was also my first time to attempt the picot bind-off and blocking a lace project.

I love how light & airy it looks and feels in the breeze. Can't wait to accessorize with it this summer!

Not too shabby for the first time on all fronts, but needs improvement. Good thing I've got a LOT of yarn to go around... ;)


Dayna Heine said...

Looks great Adrienne!!!!

afairlie said...

Thanks Dayna!!! :)

Saskia said...

Goodness you are so creative! This seems like it would be SO difficult! Looks purdy :)

afairlie said...

Thanks Sas!! :)

Anonymous said...

Woooo! It is BEAUTIFUL!

afairlie said...

Thanks, Lady!! I loved your pretty red one so much!

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