Monday, June 3, 2013

psssstt... it's a passat!

Remember that time I randomly bought a car that one day?
No? OK, let me explain.

My beloved 2004 Mazda Tribute has been on a steady climb to the top of the proverbial hill for a couple of years now. This car has always served me so well. I got it as a high school graduation gift and it has seen me through college, graduate school, my first job, a semi-cross-country move, a new job in a new state, and approximately 9 homes in between. That’s a lot of miles! And a lot of memories.

I love this car. I wasn’t ready to let it go. But… after winding up in the shop again last week for an issue I dealt with just a few months earlier, I knew it was only a matter of time before all of the parts and pieces started falling apart. It was time to start looking.

We began our search on Saturday at the Volkswagen dealership. I’d always been hot after a white Jetta, and they’d finally come around to my price range so I wanted to take a look. I test drove one while we were there and really liked it. Once we arrived back at the dealership, we were kind of strolling around when we noticed a slightly used 2012 Passat parked in the lot. I didn’t give it a second look considering a.) I didn’t want a Passat, and b.) I DIDN’T want a used car. I’ve always been of the mindset that I’d settle for less in order to have a new car. Silly, I know.

But, after some cajoling, I took a sit in the driver’s seat… just to humor my boyfriend. Holy cow. The inside of this thing was gorgeous. And I was smitten. The salesman asked if I wanted to take it for a spin, but warned me that as soon as I did, I’d be hooked. Still not totally buying it, I agreed. As we were walking back to the main office to grab the keys, I mouthed to Spencer “I don’t want a Passat”. He smirked, seemingly knowing the outcome.

As soon as I pulled out of the lot, I knew I was in trouble. I loved the way it looked, the way I looked in it, the way it handled the road, the bells and whistles on the interior… everything! We arrived back at the dealership, and I climbed out, tossed the keys back to the salesman and thought “well, that’s one to consider”.

After we arrived back home, we did some number crunching, some back-and-forth, some devil’s advocate… you know, the usual line of defense. We decided to go back the next day to give it a once over before I decided that no, I really didn’t like that car after all and I could easily move on to find something else.

Needless to say, four hours later, after another test-drive, some credit checks, and some minor haggling, I was saying ”goodbye, old friend” to my faithful Tribute, and climbing into the front seat of my new car. It was the most bittersweet moment of my life.

Unlike most folks buying a new car, I had no idea that was going to be the outcome! I literally, didn’t have a clue that when I went for “one more look” it would turn into a purchase… but as they say, it’s all about the timing! The opportunity was presented and the deal was good, so the rest is history :) I am still mourning the loss of my little Tribute. I’d have driven that car until the wheels fell off, if given the chance. At the rate we were going, it might not have been too long of a wait! But, as they say, all good things must come to an end—so did my relationship with my little car. I hope he (I think it was always a he?) went to live in greener pastures :)

Now that I’ve made my first “big girl” purchase, I’m both freaked out and excited all at the same time! I love my new car and can’t wait for all of the fun, new memories I’ll have in it :)

Currently, we’re easing into our relationship at a steady 40 MPH on the highway. I take cautious driving to the extreme :)


Cece said...

Congrats on your new car! Used cars are actually such a great bargain. You don't take the hit on the depreciation and it's new to you and practically new anyways so it's win win. I won't ever buy a new car again! Love the silver. We both have silver cars. Car buying is usually soooo stressful for me. I mean, it's a lot of money. Glad you got something you love.

TDavenport said...

Congrats on the car! We love our pickup & it was slightly used. It wasn't even a year old & it saved us about $10,000 buying used versus new. Plus, we were able to afford all the bells & whistles that we wanted with it this way! I bet you're going to enjoy your new ride :)

afairlie said...

Thanks, CeCe! I agree... I can see now how a used car gets me a lot more CAR and someone else has already taken the hit on the depreciation! And yes... it physically hurts spending that much money! I hope I will continue to love it for YEARS to come! :)

afairlie said...

Thanks, Tiff! That's the same story with mine! It was a lease car for a year then was turned back in--nothing wrong with it :) Thank goodness! I am liking it so far...!

Saskia said...

It's beautiful congrats!!!! :)

Catharine Klepac said...

Aww!! I went through the SAME EXACT thing when I was car shopping last year. I wanted a Jetta more than anything and it drove "okay" and I tried the Passat and it drove like a freaking BMW. I had no idea they were so awesome! Sadly my VW dealer didn't have any used ones at the time and the new ones had a horrible warranty so I ended up getting a Mazda CX5 which I never saw myself getting lol. I balled and balled at the dealer when I had to say goodbye to my trusty ol' Honda Accord. Derek thought I was so ridiculous. I mean who cries on the day they get a new car? Crazy people :)

Congrats friend!!!

afairlie said...

Thanks Sas! Next time you're up in Costa Mesa I'll take you for a spin! ;)

afairlie said...

Catharine--this is why I feel like we truly missed out on each other because you sound EXACTLY like me! My story was the same! I wanted a Jetta, wanted a Jetta, wanted a Jetta. Drove it... OK. I liked it alright. I stepped foot in the Passat and it changed everything. Further more, the only other car (other than a Jetta) that I wanted was a WHITE CX5... no kidding! YOUR car! Ha! And yes... I feel a little jipped that I didn't get to go back out and say a (final) goodbye to my Tribute. I am mising him a little less everyday, and can only hope that he has gone on to live in greener pastures :)

PS--I TOTALLY CRIED that day, too! Like once we got home... and I realized, if my Tribute went to Mexico... he wouldn't know Spanish :( #crazypeopleproblems

Catharine Klepac said...

Seriously. We are the same person. Let's go back to college to relive it all (except for the school part) :) That is SO funny that you wanted a CX5! Yes in time you will miss your car less and less.. I only think about mine when I see another on the road.. which is often bc everyone and their mom has a Honda Accord (literally.. my mom actually has a Honda Accord ha!) I know for a fact that my car went off to Mexico and I kept thinking it was going to tell all of the Spanish speaking cars "oh I'm not like you guys, my owner is coming back to get me! you'll see!" It still breaks my heart :( Maybe we should form a support group?

afairlie said...

OMGGGG....I nearly choked up... That is SO what your car is saying!!! :( Yes, support group--party of two.

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