Sunday, July 21, 2013

craft kick.

I've been having major accessory envy lately. 

Thanks to social media [specifically IG], I can't go a day without seeing a number of fabulous Anthropologie / JCrew-inspired statement necklaces and stacks upon stacks of gorgeous bangles & cuffs [AKA arm candy!]. Coincidentally, I've recently discovered the oh so affordable fashion-inspired, budget-friendly boutique sites like Very Jane, Groupdealz, and To Adorn

Warning :: Proceed to these sites with caution. VERY cute things abound. :)

However, I reached my limit last week when I purchased my fifth statement necklace in two months. It's getting out of control... and I must be stopped. 

But what's a crafty girl to when there are still so many cute jewels to be had?! The answer is always make your own!

This weekend, I pulled out my massive bead collection. The majority of said collection consists of broken necklaces, bracelets, and clearance sale items that I purchased with the best intentions to transform them into something beautiful. Much as I love getting my crafty on, I really don't like working with beads. They're little, and finicky, and frequently run away from me. 

And that's just rude. Jewelry making is a rude craft. 

BUT I do love the way a pretty beaded bracelet looks :) So, I'm forced to make some concessions. 

I found some memory wire and this great little beginner tutorial and decided to try my hand at a blue-green memory wire beaded bracelet. For someone who loathes working with beads, I was really pleased with how this little bracelet turned out. So much so... that I made two more. :) [They're like Lay's Potato Chips... you can't just make one!]. 

Since I already had all of the materials needed on hand, the total project cost was $0. [Woo!] These little guys are so easy to make and look great! I have my eye on a couple of other DIY jewels, but not before  I whip up at least a few more ;) 


Cece said...

I've kind of jumped on the accessory band wagon myself lately too! It was something that I never even bothered with before but thanks to blogging I wanted some for myself. You did great!!! I'm totally impressed. Okay, I think it's time to open an etsy shop!

afairlie said...

Cece: It's so hard to resist the urge, right? Especially in the blogger world when you're surrounded by all of the totally awesome fashion trends! Fortunately for my wallet, I typically go for the "inspired by" pieces ;) You are so sweet... thank you so much for the encouragement! Hope your week is great :)

pookahknits said...

Lovin' this! Think I'm going to give this a try!

afairlie said...

A: These are SO FUN! I've already made a couple more (and have a blog post ready to show them off later in the week) ;)

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