Monday, July 15, 2013

{DIY} fancy party glasses

Even though we've been in California for two years as of this month [yay!], there are some things that won't break this good ol' southern girl. 

I still like big hair. 

I still don't leave the house without my mascara. 

I still say 'bless your heart' and 'how's your momma?'

I still believe that pearls and a pair of pumps are always appropriate. 

I still fervently believe that you should always make it pretty. 
Not even when it's 'just for you' but especially when it's just for you! 

That being said... I also believe in treating yourself to a happy little cocktail every now and then :) And because I think you should always make it pretty, I crafted up these adorable little glittered[!] wine glasses to put the proverbial 'cherry on top' of cocktail hour :) 

I followed the exact same steps as the glitter-podge terra cotta pot tutorial, except that I limited the glitter-poding to the base of the wine glasses instead of the rim of a pot. Easy peasy and oh so fancy! I am thrilled about the result and think you all should grab your paint brushes, mod-podge, and old wine glasses and give 'em a fancy facelift!

I won't re-illustrate the whole tutorial all over again [but look here if you missed it before!] but I will share with you some tips & tricks I've learned as a newcomer to mod-podge + glitter :) 

[1] Use a fine bristle, soft paint brush in lieu of a foam brush. [I like these by Martha Stewart -- available at Michaels]. I find that the bristle brushes get into all the little cracks & crevices created by the glitter. 
[2] Use a finer glitter for more sparkle. I used a 'chunkier' glitter for my terra cotta pot, [which was the look I was after!], but found that for the wine glasses a finer glitter works better to give optimal shine and fabulousness :) Side note: I used a different color glitter for each glass -- I like the idea of each of your guests having a way to identify whose is whose after a couple of glasses of chardonnay [ :) ] but think that a set of one color would be just as fab!
[3] You don't need to use anything fancy to create a good, straight line around the base of your glasses. Simply apply your thin layer of mod-podge around the base of the glass, add your glitter, shake the excess, and run a dry Q-tip around the rim to create a crisp, clean edge. 
[4] I can't stress enough the importance of using a thin layer of mod-podge... learn from my mistakes, people!
[5] Pour a small amount of the mod-podge into the lid and use that for dipping. Even after your glitter is set, and you have begun the 1-2 additional layers of sealant [I use 2 layers... to be on the safe side :)] some excess glitter will still find it's way into your brush. If your only pour a small amount into the lid, you can rinse & re-add as necessary without ruining your whole container of mod-podge... oh, the horror!
[6] Let your initial coat of glitter dry over night. I know it's hard to wait, but I found that the longer you wait, the stronger the adhesive and the better the product. It's worth it in the long run! I do the same for the second coat of glitter... then I let dry and add 2 more coats of sealant. 
[7] Remember that these glasses are hand wash only and I mean it! A little hot water and a squeeze of liquid dish soap do the trick!
[8] Having said that, as soon as the glasses have dried completely and are ready for use, wash them before pouring that first glass! They will turn a milky white color [every time you wash them]. Don't panic! This is totally normal, and they will return to normal sparkly goodness once they're dry!

That pretty much sums it up! :) I am completely obsessed with the glitter-podging technique and am sparkling up any and everything I find... much to boyfriend's dismay. Hope you guys will have fun with this technique and let me know what you think!

Cheers to a FaBuLoUs Monday!


TDavenport said...

I love them! I haven't yet tried to mod-podge anything, mainly because I know once I do I'll be addicted! But, I think I'm going to have to try this one out. And I totally agree with your "souther girl" list. I have been in Montana almost 2 years and as the saying goes "you can take the girl out of the South but you can't take the South out of the girl"! Thanks for the DIY steps & tips!

Dayna Heine said...

Love it!!!!!

afairlie said...

Tiffany: It's a slippery slope! I have literally mod-podged everything from Altoid tins (instant purse content cuteness!) to well... terra cotta pots :) It's easy and addicting and of course I think you should try it! Do the wine glasses and post a pic! ;)

Thanks, Dayna! They're definitely giving me a reason to enjoy a glass of wine in the evenings... as if I needed one ;)

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