Wednesday, July 3, 2013

[happy hour] blackberry minty mimito

Pop! Fizz! Clink!

It's Wednesday!

Not that I need a reason to celebrate... but tomorrow kicks off a 4-day weekend for me. What what! Anyone else out there taking advantage of the July 4th holiday and coasting into the weekend a little early? I hadn't planned on it, but our firm offered us the day off, sooooo... I'll take it!

I'm celebrating the end of two, hideously long weeks with another cocktail concoction! Who knows... I've been such a little mixologist lately, the trend may stick throughout the summer ;) Speaking of summer... I love a crisp, refreshing bubbly in the summertime... don't you!? This recipe today was born out of an impromptu game of i-need-a-drink-now-what-do-i-have-in-the-fridge. Cousin to the popular what-the-hell-is-for-dinner-i-wonder-if-cheetos-would-work-for-breadcrumbs game.

Just kidding. Cheeto crusted chicken would be gross.

Or would it...?


It would. 

Anyway, I needed wanted a cocktail and happened to have a handful of blackberries, a few sprigs of mint, and a chilled bottle of champagne in the fridge. Sounded good to me. A few minutes later with a little mixing & shaking, I was pouring myself a fizzy little glass of [what is now deemed] blackberry minty mimito. It's a hybrid between a mojito and a mimosa since it's made by muddling together blackberries, mint, and a twist of lime (like a mojito) but the juice mixture is paired with champagne as you would a mimosa. Thus... it's a mimito!

Or a momosa... but then it just looks like you don't know how to spell ;)

blackberry minty mimito
yields: 2 cocktails
5-8 blackberries (rinsed!)
3-4 mint leaves (rinsed!)
2-4 sugar cubes
juice of one lime
champagne (whatever is your favorite!)
champagne flutes
additional berries & mint sprigs, for garnish (optional)

[how to]
[1] Start by muddling together the berries, mint, sugar cubes, and lime juice in a small dish. 
*For my own personal taste, I like to use 8 berries, 4 mint leaves, and 2 sugar cubes (since I don't like a really sweet drink--but make it your own!)
[2] Transfer the berry liquid to the empty champagne glasses, dividing equally. 
[3] Slowly add champagne, little by little, until you've reached the top. 
The fizziness will cause a 'berry overboard' if you pour too fast. [4] Plop in a berry (it will float to the top) and add a sprig of mint and you're ready to enjoy!
I recommend using a dry champagne and adding the sugar in yourself, as opposed to a prosecco, but if you like your sips on the sweet side, by all means, go prosecco! You could probably opt out of the sugar cubes with this option. 

I also love the extra pulp from juice blends (any other high pulp fans out there?), so I prefer the berry seeds floating around in my drink, but if you have a texture issue or just flat prefer a smoother sipping mimito, strain the berry liquid after step [1] to ensure the only thing floating to the top are berries & bubbles :) 

I hope you guys enjoy! This is really quite an easy and tasty summertime sipper! It comes together in a flash and would make a beautiful addition to a girly brunch or a refreshing afternoon treat on a hot day.

Hope you all have a safe & happy 4th of July! 

Cheers, ya'll!


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