Friday, August 23, 2013

a confection confession.

Sooo... I have a thing for sugar.

Kind of like how some people have a thing for chips and nuts and popcorn, I have a thing for cookies and cupcakes and ice cream. I could literally eat dessert for every meal and be completely satisfied!

I cut back on my treats intake a couple of months ago by limiting my "intentional consumption" to Sundays. You might be asking yourself how an "intentional consumption a" differs from an "unintentional consumption". I'll tell you.

An "intentional consumption" is one that is planned. It's a cupcake from the local bakery. It's a trip to the fro-yo shop [with all the fixin's]. It's a McDonald's dulce de leche milkshake [this is a recent discovery for me, please don't judge]. In other words, it's something you plan ahead for.

But an "unintentional consumption" are the cookies that a rep brings with them to a lunch-n-learn that you pass up at the table, but stuff two in your mouth later in the breakroom. They're the Lindt white truffles [that you don't even like] but look so pretty in the candy dish that you shove a handful in your purse [for what? the apocalypse?]. They're the walnut-laden brownies you're gifted, and despite the fact that you don't even like nuts in your brownies, you eat six in one setting...because it would be rude not to? Basically, an unintentional consumption is one that did not intend to happen, but you didn't bother to stop either.

Lately, my unintentional consumptions have skyrocketed to a laughable degree. I have literally been consuming sugary confections that I would never chose to eat my by own accord, but have simply because they're there. Who does that!? The sad thing is that I am perfectly happy eating rabbit food for lunch and dinner, but the minute those precious little Nothing Bundt Cake ‘bundtinis’ come out, all gloves are off. It's not a fair fight.

a few of the practice cookies I made this weekend to test out a new icing recipe.
the icing turned out not so bueno (delicious, but not good for piping)...
but that didn't stop me from eating one or ten :) 
Because of this, I have formulated a plan: I'm giving up sugar until my birthday. A totally doable goal (since my birthday is less than a month away) and also a bit calculated considering I am already planning on making these bad boys as soon as I wake up that morning. I mean...whaaaaat? Yes, please. I just want all of my birthday treats to be extra special, and not something I can have on any old day :)

Today is only day one and I am already telling myself that a Starbucks frozen mocha totally doesn't count. A clear indication that it's not going to be easy. :) (It totally does count, for the record). I'm gonna do it, and I'm gonna do it right! But until then, I might just start a hit list of sweet treats to devour on the big day, and invest in some better elastic waist pants :)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Adventures of a Shameless Tourist: Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve

We are coming to the close of a fabulous visit from my parents! This was probably one of the best visits yet in terms of neat things we took our guests to see and do. Among these was a personal favorite: the hiking trails at Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve Hiking Trail. 

We aren't seasoned hikers by any means, but we've done a few since moving to Southern California and love them! The trails at Torrey Pines are still one of our favorite locations for a number of reasons: 
  • It's relatively close to where we live. 
  • The trails are moderate--meaning they can be as leisurely or challenging as you make them. 
  • The views are unbeatable
There aren't many hikes that will take you through some amazing natural rock formations around a forest of pines, and empty right onto the beach... but this one will. The views from every minute of this hike are gorgeous! Here are a few of the shots that Spencer and I captured while taking the family on this little outing. We were reminded how lovely it is and wondered why we don't go back more often :)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

summertime accessorizing

If you follow me on Instagram, chances are you've seen these already :)

But if not... here are some of my recently accessorized outfits! I am loving the brights and neons abounding this summer! This has been one New Year's Resolution that has been so fun (and addicting!) to keep up with :)

Hope you're all having a lovely, relaxing Sunday!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

[stacked] yet again...

You really didn't think I would just make a handful of beaded memory wire bracelets then walk away, did you?

I didn't think so :) 

On Sunday, I had an opportunity to pull out the beads and get back to beading. I'd purchased these pink, turquoise, red, and silver beads last weekend from Michael's during their 50% jewelry sale. They didn't sit dormant too long before I got my hands on them :) 

I absolutely love the way these turned out! So much so... that they'll both stay in my little collection. I have already gifted two of the three I'd made last week, so it's sort of like a wash... right? :) 

I realize the pink one is unsightly tacky and totally immature... but that's what I love about it! It's flirty and fun, and I love the randomness of it... there was no rhyme or reason to it, I just started plunking beads down the wire as I saw fit. 

The turquoise and red one is another favorite. I adore that color combination, maybe more than any other. It has a slight southwestern feel to it, and just makes me happy. 

I'm slowly, but surely, running out of room in my cuffs & bangles drawer of the jewelry cabinet. I'm so pleased with the progress I've made on growing my accessories this year, but wish I had a more appropriate place to store them. A constant battle between my love of efficiency coupled with my 'clean counter' OCD. 

I can't promise there won't be more bangles... but for now that's all I've got room for! :)