Friday, August 23, 2013

a confection confession.

Sooo... I have a thing for sugar.

Kind of like how some people have a thing for chips and nuts and popcorn, I have a thing for cookies and cupcakes and ice cream. I could literally eat dessert for every meal and be completely satisfied!

I cut back on my treats intake a couple of months ago by limiting my "intentional consumption" to Sundays. You might be asking yourself how an "intentional consumption a" differs from an "unintentional consumption". I'll tell you.

An "intentional consumption" is one that is planned. It's a cupcake from the local bakery. It's a trip to the fro-yo shop [with all the fixin's]. It's a McDonald's dulce de leche milkshake [this is a recent discovery for me, please don't judge]. In other words, it's something you plan ahead for.

But an "unintentional consumption" are the cookies that a rep brings with them to a lunch-n-learn that you pass up at the table, but stuff two in your mouth later in the breakroom. They're the Lindt white truffles [that you don't even like] but look so pretty in the candy dish that you shove a handful in your purse [for what? the apocalypse?]. They're the walnut-laden brownies you're gifted, and despite the fact that you don't even like nuts in your brownies, you eat six in one setting...because it would be rude not to? Basically, an unintentional consumption is one that did not intend to happen, but you didn't bother to stop either.

Lately, my unintentional consumptions have skyrocketed to a laughable degree. I have literally been consuming sugary confections that I would never chose to eat my by own accord, but have simply because they're there. Who does that!? The sad thing is that I am perfectly happy eating rabbit food for lunch and dinner, but the minute those precious little Nothing Bundt Cake ‘bundtinis’ come out, all gloves are off. It's not a fair fight.

a few of the practice cookies I made this weekend to test out a new icing recipe.
the icing turned out not so bueno (delicious, but not good for piping)...
but that didn't stop me from eating one or ten :) 
Because of this, I have formulated a plan: I'm giving up sugar until my birthday. A totally doable goal (since my birthday is less than a month away) and also a bit calculated considering I am already planning on making these bad boys as soon as I wake up that morning. I mean...whaaaaat? Yes, please. I just want all of my birthday treats to be extra special, and not something I can have on any old day :)

Today is only day one and I am already telling myself that a Starbucks frozen mocha totally doesn't count. A clear indication that it's not going to be easy. :) (It totally does count, for the record). I'm gonna do it, and I'm gonna do it right! But until then, I might just start a hit list of sweet treats to devour on the big day, and invest in some better elastic waist pants :)


Cece said...

Um. I do that. It's there. I eat it. Terrible! Love your definitions. My unintentional sugar consumption is more then my intentional. I don't go out to get sweets on my own. But Mj bakes. Or it's at the office. I guess that's why I HAVE to keep my intentionals down. Nothing bundt cakes is AMAZING!!!! I hope you don't see one between now and your birthday 'cause that will be so hard to pass up. Good luck!!

Saskia said...

You need to bake and design cookies for a living! I still remember the cookies you did for valentines day! They were beautiful...and yummy! :)

Janice with Word of Mouth Designs said...

What is this "Nothing Bundt Cake" that you speak of? Is it a San Diego tourist attraction that I missed? Good luck on the month long sugar strike!

afairlie said...

Cece I know, right?! It's the unintentionals that get you in trouble! And yes! I try to stay far, far away. It's when they get delivered to the office that I am typically caught with my hand in the box ;)

afairlie said...

Sas: awe thank you! It's so fun to do...when all cooperates!

afairlie said...

Mom: Haha no! Lucky for you, they're everywhere!!! ;)

Ashley Graham said...

Adrienne, I'm guilty of this, too! I will eat something, just because it's there right in front of me. It's a horrible habit and a hard one to break! Going to cookouts and friends' houses always ends in overeating. And the sugar! Oh my gosh. I bet I'd drop 5 pounds easy if I could just cut it out of my diet. I'm always finding a reason to bake something or keep a jar of candy on the's ridiculous! And the coffee. Ha! The coffee drinks are my biggest problem of all, but I don't feel so bad about the homemade ones so long as I've been good at avoiding sugar the rest of the day. :)

afairlie said...

Ashley: I hear you! And now fall is here with all of the blessed candy corn you can eat! It's so hard to say no to convenient treats (i.e. the ones that are right in front if your face). You've totally inspired me to get on board with the specialty coffee drinks at home! Love the idea of whipped cream and sprinkles in my occasional morning coffee. :) Super fun idea!

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