Thursday, September 5, 2013

the magnificent staircase.

I had to share with you guys one more special moment from our recent trip to New Mexico :)

On our way to the cabin, we stopped in Santa Fe, NM to have lunch and do a little sight-seeing. Little did I know, we were just a couple of blocks away from The Loretto Chapel, home of the famous 'Magnificent Staircase". I'd first heard about it's origins on Unsolved Mysteries (guilty!) and could hardly contain myself at the thought of getting to cross off this feat of structural engineering phenomenon from my architectural bucket list.

If you're unfamiliar with the tale, you can read more about it here. Luckily, it was early in the trip and everyone was tolerable about my moment of pure geekery in paying homage to an inanimate object. It's kind of amazing that to this day, it remains as big of a mystery to anyone as it did upon it's completion in 1878.

PS - I totally took these pictures legally, as flash photography was allowed inside. Not like that time I got snap-happy at the Sistine Chapel.


Cece said...

You were brave enough to try to take pics in the Sistine Chapel? Not me! Those stairs are magnificent.

afairlie said...

Haha, well... define "brave". If by brave, you mean I sat a camera down on my lap, partially covering it with my jacket, turned the flash off, and started snapping away... then yes, very brave! ;)

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