Thursday, October 31, 2013

happy halloween.

Happy Halloween from a former dinosaur and a mini cheerleader!
spencer: halloween 1985. adrienne: halloween 1987(ish)?
Hope you all enjoy lots of treats {no tricks} today!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

we three pumpkins.

It's no secret that I love fall, ya'll. 

Could you tell? :)

When I was home visiting my parents this past week, I was leisurely scrolling through Pinterest when I happened upon these precious wood pumpkins. I was totally smitten (and seizing the opportunity in having access to all of the proper wood cutting utensils--though admittedly, I never made a single cut!) knew I had to make a set of my own!

Oh, I forgot to mention... the only thing I love more than decorating for fall is making my own decorations in order to decorate for fall. Ya'll. 

I'm so happy with how they turned out! They've been gracing the dining room table since I got back home. I only wish I could keep them out year round. :) 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

things you might hear [or see] on an airplane.

With all of the traveling we've done recently, I've found myself in quite a few airplanes over the last few months. We all know that airports are prime people-watching opportunities, but if you fail to unplug your headphones during flight you might miss out on some real gems. Enjoy. 


"You're squeezing me and it really hurts!"
"Don't fight it. When you fight it, it hurts."

I'm fairly certain I sat next to Mason Treadwell on one such journey. Not the actor per se, but the actual character Mason Treadwell. 


On a three-hour flight, I was sitting next to an astute, orderly looking woman who was redlining a thesis. About 15 minutes into it, she closed her pen, tucked the papers away, pulled out her iPad, and played Candy Crush for the next two hours and 45 minutes. Well-played. 

"Whoooooah. It looks like we can just bounce off one of those clouds out there, huh!?"
For the record, this one was not from a child. It was from a drunk 30-something, seemingly addressing the entire aircraft. 


Monday, October 7, 2013

texas, my texas.

Blue Bell. Rodeos. Tex-Mex. BBQ. Sweet Tea. Bluebonnets.

These are all things I love [and miss dearly!] about The Lone Star State. For the last week, I've been basking in the hot Texas sun and eating up all of the hot and spicy food I can muster before headed back to sweet [yet mild] Southern California.

I've spent the last seven days in my little hometown, visiting family and friends. I've had such an amazing trip, which makes getting on the airplane tomorrow that much more difficult. Just short of eating myself silly, I've also crafted / cooked / baked with my momma, watched tons of Netflix, shopped, and on some occasions, just did nothing.

I have missed Texas so, as evident from the photos below. :) Enjoy this little look back at my vacation through the lens of my iPhone. Ya'll. 

aaah. my heart is so happy to be back in blue bell country.
mom and i made 'pumpkin spice nutella muddy buddies'.
ummmm. okay!
autumn: this sweet girl had a birthday while i was visiting.
hard to believe she's eight years old now!

bogart: the resident housecat.

my favorite texas-sized burger. like ever.
on the way to meet up with some friends, i drove past the church i grew up in. 
so happy to meet this little guy!
he's the precious little son of two people i've grown up with. 
enjoyed a couple glasses of wine with mom at a local winery :)
i could get used to this view. absolutely. 
it's tradition that i must get a t-shirt from my favorite local sandwich shoppe. 

Vacations always go by too quickly. It's back to reality on Wednesday, but until then, I'm going to squeeze in all of the Texas love I can manage!