Saturday, November 30, 2013

holiday cheer.

My most favorite season is upon us, friends. 

I absolutely live for this time of year--the decorations, the baked treats, gifting to friends and family, snail mail cards filled with seasons greetings, winter weather accessorizing, the overall cheerfulness in the air... I just LOVE the holidays! I'm a total sucker for cheesy Lifetime movies and overdosing on cups of hot cocoa during this season--it's obnoxious, and I refuse to apologize for it! 

Of all the holiday traditions, decorating is right up at the top. It should come as no surprise that Thanksgiving dinner had hardly been put away before we were pulling box after box from our teeny, tiny hall closet. Seriously, it's a Jenga puzzle to get all of those boxes back in there, but I don't care! There is decorating to be done!

Here's a little taste of the sights around our casa right now. I'm absolutely smitten with all of our holiday decorations and never tire of putting them out year after year after year. 

What are your favorite seasonal traditions? Is your decorating style over the top, or do you prefer to keep it minimalistic?

view looking toward the dining area.  
one day, i hope to have a mantel :)
until then, the entertainment console will have to do!
thanks mom, for the idea to add a glittery monogram to our stockings--i love it!
garland above the living room mirror.
small wreath i made several years ago on the antique bar cart.
it wouldn't be the holidays without home alone.
other cute finds from the target dollar spot!
large wreath detail on the front door. 

Happy, Happy Holidays friends! Enjoy every second of this beautiful season!



Saskia said...

I love how warm and cozy everything looks! Looks great Adrienne!

afairlie said...

Well, thanks! :)

Dayna Heine said...

Looks Great!!!!!

afairlie said...

Thanks, Dayna :)

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