Saturday, December 13, 2014

holly jolly home tour.

This is my absolute most favorite time of year. I love everything about it!

I love decorating. I love holiday parties. I love Secret Santa. I love baking cookies. I love wrapping presents. I love shopping for presents. I love making presents. I love Christmas music. I love wearing scarves and boots and hats. I love riding boots. I love hot chocolate with extra marshmallows. I love Christmas movies. I love snow. I love Christmas lights. I love stockings. I love jingle bells. I love holiday-themed cocktails. I love cinnamon and clove scented candles. I love Christmas pajamas. I love sending Christmas cards. I love getting Christmas cards.

I love Christmas.

It was a little hard to get into the Christmas spirit this year, however. With planning a wedding, a condo that's in a state of disarray due to an upstairs leak, and lots of extra expenses, it was a little hard to slow down and enjoy the moments that make this time of year special. As mentioned... we have been dealing with the after-effects of a leak from an upstairs unit. While they have fortunately fixed the physical leak, the flooring and walls in our master bedroom and bathroom are torn up. Because they will eventually have to come replace the flooring throughout the master suite, Spencer we opted not to put up my beloved 9'-0" tall Christmas tree--you know, the one that is too tall, takes me all day to decorate, causes major furniture moving, and takes up entirely too much room.

Oh, how much I love it, though!

Instead, this year we opted to "get a small tree". What my darling fiancee did not specify was the actual size of the tree he wanted, so when I found 6'-0" tree at Target for a steal at $15, I threw it in my cart and headed home. I spent half the time decorating this "little guy" than I do our other one, and I'm happy to report, I didn't have to move a single piece of furniture. It was a win-win for everyone... and even Spencer was surprised when he came home to a trimmed tree, Christmas music playing, and a clean house. You can't be mad at that!

I've just finished wrapping all of the gifts this year. I absolutely adore the way a tree looks surrounded by gifts--I think it says so much! To me, it infers that you must have a lot of special people in your life and a lot to be thankful for. THAT might be my most favorite part of Christmas!

Enjoy a few pictures from around our tiny little house :)

Friday, November 14, 2014

my (yo)unique story.

If you follow me on Instagram, or if we're friends on Facebook, you've probably seen my posts in the last several weeks about Younique. If you haven't... allow me to make the introduction!
Younique is a direct-sales cosmetics and skincare company. They're probably most well-known for their Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes. This mascara gives length and volume that is unparalleled--and I truly mean that! All of their products from foundation to eyeliner are high quality, healthy, clean, and pure. 
My personal experience with Younique goes a little something like this.

June 2014: A friend of mine from college had started posting on Facebook about this "amazing new mascara" and what a game changer it had become in her daily routine. A lash girl myself, I was intrigued, but kept scrolling. Day by day, she would continue to post pictures and stats with promises to "increase your lash volume and thickness by 300%" and how it was waterproof and lasted all day. My curiosity began to grow when I noticed that more and more of our mutual friends were purchasing it--they were probably just as curious as I was!

May 2014: I gave in to the temptation. I PM'd (private messaged) my friend via Facebook and asked her to tell me a little more about it. To say I was skeptical was an understatement... but I was curious. I wasn't interested in a monthly subscription, or yet another overpriced cosmetic to add to my ever-growing collection. I already had a great lash primer and mascara, that I have used daily for the last six years from a major cosmetics company--to which I had been completely brand-loyal toward for almost a decade. I had definitely shopped around to get me to that point... tried drugstore brand after brand and high-end brand after brand. I wanted to try this new Younique mascara, if nothing more than to satisfy my curiosity.

Once it arrived, I tried it out the next morning. The process is essentially two steps--not unlike my typical routine. You first apply the 'gel', then the 'fibers' at the tips of your lashes, then seal with one more coat of the 'gel'. Both gel and fibers (made from green tea--all natural, remember!) are in mascara form, so application is super easy.

 Holy. Cow. I could not believe how crazy gorgeous my eyelashes looked! They were long, and volumized, and totally unlike the teeny-tiny, barely noticeable lashes I have sans makeup. What really got me though, wasn't the fact that they looked so good, but more so the staying power. By the end of a 12-hour day, I got home, looked in the mirror--and they looked as good as when I first applied the mascara! I was completely shocked. Even my favorite standby would eventually flake away to nothing by the end of the day (even with a primer), so the fact that these were still going strong really struck a chord with me. Furthermore, I was able to take all of my makeup off with one makeup wipe--same as I always do. I was amazed that they'd stayed on so well during the day, but came right off with a wet towelette. Plus, the fact that the set lasted 3-4 months was a deal breaker to me, as my normal mascara starts going south around 4 weeks.

Even though I was completely sold by this point, I thought that maybe there was something else out there that could work for me. I went back to my favorite candy land--Sephora--and loaded up on all of their highest rated mascaras. Each one I tried, just didn't give me the same effect.

I eventually placed a second order with my friend and realized "ahhh, this is what I've been missing". I was already sold, I just needed a little more proof for my ever-doubtful personality!

October 2014: By the time I went to place my third order, I decided I would really like to become a Presenter myself. At this point, I had only tried the mascara, but that was worth it enough for me (am I crazy!?). Never having done anything like this before, I signed up, and within a couple of weeks my Presenter's kit had arrived and I started playing around with some of the other products.

I could literally devote an entire post to each and every one of the products I have tried thus far... they are that good--but I will spare you! All I can say is that it's not just me! One of my most favorite products, the Uplift Eye Serum, has been on backorder for almost a month by this point, and it was only introduced September 1st! This one is hailed as 'Botox in a Bottle'--one look at the before and after pictures floating around social media, and you'll see why. It's INSANE! I'm ridiculously partial to the lip glosses (not sticky!), the pigments, the rose water, the primer, and the pressed powder... to name a few ;)

All in all, my journey with Younique has been a true blessing. I still cannot get over it sometimes, but I am so thankful I decided to give it a shot! I use the 3D lash mascara every | single | day. If you'd like to check out the company (or the mascara!) yourself, click here. I am happy to help with any questions you might have--in any capacity! That's what I'm here for :)

Here are a couple of my own pics--'cause I can't just rave about it and not share! :)

left eye: two coats of my favorite high-end mascara
right eye: one application of 3D fiber lashes. 
products used: eyes | moonstruck 3D fiber lashes
                          face | {cream } BB flawless & {velour} touch pressed powder
                          lips | {pompous} lip liner & {lucky} lucrative lipgloss
*FYI this photo was taken after 10 hours! all I touched up was the gloss and a touch of powder! 
products used: eyes | moonstruck 3D fiber lashes
                          face | {cream } BB flawless & {velour} touch pressed powder
                          lips | limited edition 'stiff upper lip' lip stain
*FYI this photo was taken after 14 hours! I only added the lip stain--no touch ups!
**apologies for the crappy lighting! 

Friday, September 26, 2014

[thirty] before 30.

September has come... and almost gone. 

I am writing this today to share in a little project I have put some time and effort into conceptualizing and beginning this year, (now, actually!) I will make a reality. 
Enter: The Thirty Before 30 Project

It's not a new concept, but it's something I have thought about doing for at least the last couple of years. On September 14th, I turned the big 2-9. TWENTY NINE. I realize that it's still an infant age to some, it's an ancient age to others; but to me it's a big one. 

I've created the following list of 'bucket list' items, if you will, for me to start and complete in the last year of my twenties. The intent of this list is to challenge me into going / doing / seeing a lot of things that I've always wanted to do, or to help me in working on parts of myself that I've always wanted to work on. Along my journey from September 14, 2014 until September 15, 2014 I will share little check-in points along the way, to document how far I'm coming with my list. 

There's no time like the present to do what you've always wanted to do. 

[thirty] before 30.

  1. Get married!
  2. Read five (5) fiction books.
  3. Read five (5) non-fiction books.
  4. Make our Christmas stockings.
  5. Take a "real" day off. 
  6. Run a 5K.
  7. Host a party.
  8. Finish knitting the second sock.
  9. Travel to Julian, CA in the fall.
  10. Create a signature cocktail.
  11. Take myself on a date.
  12. Start a wine journal.
  13. Have a beach day.
  14. Lose 10 pounds.
  15. Try my hand at canning.
  16. Learn how to use my DSLR camera.
  17. Unplug for a whole day.
  18. Try a new exercise. 
  19. Make a new friend.
  20. Sew a piece of clothing.
  21. Build up my savings account. 
  22. Try five (5) new meal recipes from Pinterest.
  23. Try five (5) new dessert recipes from Pinterest.
  24. Play a round of golf with Spencer.
  25. Develop a healthy skincare routine.
  26. See a live music performance.
  27. Take the dog out for a 'Doggie Day' once a month.
  28. Cook at least one meal a week.
  29. Make a piece of art for our house.
  30. Take at least one (1) photo a month with Spencer.
I'm anxious and nervous to start some of these, but I as read through this list and can't help but be extremely excited to cross off each and every one! Follow along with me as I work my way through these. The best is yet to come. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

{Recipe} healthy chocolate shake

I know, I know... I've been very quiet on the blog lately. Wedding planning is in full effect and is sucking every last free second from my days. I'd love to catch you all up to speed, but will save that post for a few days.

In the meantime... I come bearing gifts!

Well, a recipe. It's kind of the same thing as a gift, right?

Since I have purchased the wedding dress, I've been trying to keep my cravings in check. It's not easy, and I still give in way more than I should, but I'm trying.

To help that process along, I'm sharing one of my new favorites! A healthy chocolate shake! I saw a recipe similar to this one on Pinterest. I tried it... it was tasty... but I felt like it was missing something. I discovered recently what it was lacking... peanut butter. Also known as 'chocolate's best friend'. Here's my little spin on it.


Healthy Chocolate Shake
  • 1 banana, cut into slices then frozen
    • This is the perfect recipe to use up those old bananas that no one ate! Personally, I only like green bananas, so the minute there's a dark spot on them...they get tossed. Now, I'll leave them on the counter a couple more days, then slice 'em up and put 'em snack size baggies and pop 'em into the freezer. Then, they're ready whenever a craving strikes!
  • 1 Tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1 Tbsp. creamy peanut butter 
  • 3/4 - 1 C. unsweetened, cold almond milk (coconut milk or cow's milk works great, too!)
  • 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
Combine all ingredients into a blender. Blend on low speed until creamy. Pour into a mason jar, and enjoy! Tip: If you can practice self-control, place your poured beverage into the freezer for 5-10 minutes. It will get extra cold and delish
P.S. - If your banana isn't very large, add a few ice cubes. The more cubes you add, the less creamy your 'shake' becomes. It's certainly not a bad thing, but the more frozen banana slices you can add, the better. 
P.P.S - I fervently believe that everything tastes better in a mason jar and with a paper straw. It's a fact, people. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

checking all the boxes.

Wedding planning update! I’ve just returned from a week in Texas and all I can say is… WOW.

WOW. I’m exhausted.
WOW. We got a lot of wedding planning accomplished!
WOW. Wedding cake is just as delicious on the tenth tasting as it is on the first.
WOW. I am really regretting all of that wedding cake.
WOW. It’s HOT there.

I mean… really? I used to live there. For a really long time, actually. Like almost all my life. HOW IN THE WORLD…?! I took my spoiled rotten little Southern California-self right back down to where it was 72 degrees and breezy. Please and thank you.

Regardless of the weather, it was a fantastic trip! I flew into Austin late on Saturday evening, and by Sunday morning we were ready-and-roaring to tackle some wedding planning. I made a super delish Father’s Day brunch (if I do say so!) before Mom and I jetted off to Austin to spend the next several hours at the Bridal Extravaganza. If you’ve never been to such a thing, you’re really missing out. If nothing else then for the FOOD. Holy. Cow. Since we already knew that our wedding menu will include BBQ (surprise!), we only focused on the vendors serving BBQ, but there was everything there from mini pork sliders to oysters on the half shell. And the wedding cake… oh my gosh, the wedding cake. Never did I think would come a day that this little Bride-to-Be would be sick of eating wedding cake, but this day almost did me in. I probably had at least 10-12 samples of cake, and never had the same flavor twice. From vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream, to chocolate fudge with an espresso whipped topping, to lemon filled pound cake… I really had a little of everything! As I told Mom, that was the best $15.00 ever spent.

The following Monday was dedicated to staying local, and trying on my first few wedding dresses—eep! Afterward, we spent the next several hours mapping out and making appointments with vendors to fill some blanks on the already full itinerary. Tuesday morning, Mom and I headed back in to Austin for yet another full day. We started with another bridal store, where I ended up saying YES to a dress(!!), followed by a tour of one of the hotel blocks, then on to a tasting with the caterer, finishing with some inspirational shopping at the craft store. We didn’t have much down time, because bright and early Wednesday morning (and really, I do mean bright and early—we left at 6:30 AM, which was really 4:30 AM my time) we headed back out for a meeting with a potential florist. Afterward, we went back out to the venue to take a look at some of the on-site rentals and get a better idea of staging for the ceremony and reception. Ya’ll… I just love our venue. I mean really. I get so excited when we get to go out there, and it just makes me happy. A good sign, I’m sure of it. After that, we took a quick lunch break before heading out to meet with the baker for a complete cake tasting. *Side note: if you’re getting married and need a sidekick for the cake tasting… I’M YOUR GIRL. I think that’s my new favorite hobby. Serious. After that, we rolled down the street (almost literally) to a local pie company. Spencer, who doesn’t share my same love of frosted confections, has decided he’d rather have pie in lieu of a Groom’s cake. OK with me! We stopped in to get a few mini pies for me to take back to him. *Side note: I’m offering my taste-testing services here, as well. I don’t discriminate.

Thursday, we met with another potential florist, before escaping wedding planning for a few hours to attend a calligraphy class in Houston. Calligraphy is truly one of the most challenging and humbling things I’ve ever done, but I’m totally hooked on it! Then just like that, it was Friday and I was getting ready to head back to San Diego.

The ‘wedding week’ as we’ve deemed it, exceeded my expectations in terms of what was accomplished before I even left the state. To date, we’ve checked all the boxes for:

VENUE… booked!
CATERER… booked!
BAKER… booked!
DRESS… purchased!

And honestly, the remaining ‘big things’ should be tied up any day now. It’s totally unbelievable to me that we were able to accomplish that much in such a short period of time. I’m thankful mostly, because now it’s time to focus in on the nitty-gritty details (my absolute favorite part!).
walking around the venue with my wedding binder.
yeah... I have a wedding binder. who am I? a cruise ship director? #dork
This weekend, Spencer and I must have set some kind of record seeing as how we haven’t been to the movies together in forever; yet, we saw two shows in two days. Now that I have my dress, I was more than content to happily munch away on my apple chips while Spencer enjoyed the freakishly addicting movie popcorn.

OK… I’m lying. It totally sucked, but whatever you have to tell yourself, right!? ;)

Friday, May 30, 2014

(g)oldie but a goodie.

That's our girl.

You probably remember that we adopted this 6 year old, 70 pound ball of fur a little over a year ago.
She is a total mess.
And I'm still totally obsessed with her.

As an avid animal lover, it was easy to fall in love with London. She's sweet, quiet, timid.
She's 100% love. :)

She will never be the dog that plays fetch for hours on end. Or hike a 10 mile trail. Or howl at the moon. Or even bark, for that matter.

Not that Spencer or I wouldn't love her to do all of those things (and more!) but she's perfectly content not to. And try as we might, we can't change who she is. All she wants in the whole world is an empty seat next to you and a scratch on the head. She loves e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e. To a fault, really.

I had no rhyme or reason to post, just wanted to share some more pictures of my best girl! Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!

Saturday, May 17, 2014


It's been nearly a week since a widespread handful of wildfires ripped through San Diego county, threatening and destroying dozens of homes and businesses along the way.

What began on Tuesday in a remote area as an electrical fire from a nearby vineyard, quickly began threatening bordering residences. Spencer and I watched the news in horror that night as fire crews worked around the clock to try and contain the quickly spreading mass.

By Wednesday morning, crews had worked around the clock, but the now widespread fire was only 5% contained. Unfortunately, the worst of it was not yet over.

On Wednesday alone, another SIX fires had broken out across the county; including areas like Camp Pendleton, densely populated areas of Carlsbad, and San Marcos near California State University to name a few. Note for the out-of-towners: Spencer and I first lived in Carlsbad when we moved to California almost three years ago. The news coverage was nothing short of devastating. Homes, business, and tens of thousands of acres of land burned for days.

Here we are on Saturday morning, and although containment for most of the fires has taken place despite the total number rising to TEN fires, crews are still working to extinguish the remainder. The most gut-wrenching part of all is that our local authorities are treating each case as a crime scene until ruled otherwise. It's disgusting to think about the intentionality to wreck havoc like that, but the belief (as of now) is that the fires were man-made.

Although we could smell smoke in the air since Tuesday, the fires never came close enough to our home to threaten an evacuation. On Wednesday, Spencer was released from work as the Carlsbad fire was inching dangerously close. All I could do was watch the live Twitter feed from my computer screen at work on Wednesday and be equal parts thankful and sad of the whole situation.

I took these photos of the Carlsbad fire from our condo on Wednesday evening, which was about 20 miles away. Many friends and family have called and texted to make sure we were safe, which is so appreciated. While the flames never grew close enough to reach our neighborhood, it was all a little too close for comfort as so many people didn't have the same fortunate outcome.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

for the dads.

Remember that time I ordered those ridiculously cheesy t-shirts for the Mother of the Bride and the Mother of the Groom?

Sorry, Moms. 

I'm back again today to share with you the slightly less cheesy gifts I got for the Father of the Bride and the Father of the Groom. A little more inconspicuous than the MOB & MOG swagger, I decided on monogrammed cufflinks for the dads. I figured it was a somewhat useful gift that they could use on the day of the wedding and any day after that, really. 

I kept the packaging on these pretty simple: brown kraft paper and a handmade & handwritten gift tag. Nice and easy. Straight to the point. 

Just how I like to roll. (Haha).

I had fun designing these and surprising the dads. Plus, let's face it... I could not let an opportunity to monogram something pass me by. ;)

PS - Did I forget to mention that we have a date? March 27, 2015 is going to be my favorite day from now on!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

hoppy easter!

When Spencer and I started dating six years ago, the first thing I gifted him was an Easter basket, given that we started dating in March and that was the next gift-giving opportunity. Ever since then, I've given him a basket every year out of tradition. The poor man will be 75 years old and still getting chocolate bunnies and jellybeans, but until I hear him complain I'll keep on layering plastic eggs on top of plastic grass in brightly colored baskets. :)

We're staying pretty low-key this year, but I still hope there's a cup of strong coffee and some chocolate eggs for myself involved at some point. 

Happy Easter from our spirited, chocolate-overloaded home to yours!

yes, my fiancee is almost 30 and still gets an easter basket from me every. single. year. 
happy easter, peeps! 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

my big fat cable braided knitted bib necklace

Say that three times fast. ;)

It's been a while since I've shared any knitting projects with you! Truth be told, I am just now getting my knitting mojo back. While I love to knit, I sometimes let life interfere and eventually branch away from what I love to do. But... I'm back!

I made this bib necklace yesterday. The pattern is cabled, but it's done in such a way the cables look like braids. I love the construction of this piece.

I had intended to get just far enough to work on it a bit at knit group on Sunday morning, but fell instantly in love and spend the whole afternoon working on it. It was an easy knit, but I love the big statement it makes! I want need one in every color to complete my spring wardrobe!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

v e n u e {shopping}

After what felt like months of coordination, we were finally able to pack our bags and head to Austin last weekend to meet with a couple of potential wedding venues! Coming only a short four months(!) after our engagement, this opportunity was welcomed!

Because I'm absolutely an obsessive compulsive shopper (please, and thank you!) I researched venues for months. Like literally, Santa has nothing on me. I made lists, checked them more than twice, and found out exactly via Yelp! reviews who was naughty and who was nice.

OK... I really couldn't resist that last one. 

Somewhere in there, I even took a couple of non-consecutive days off of work in order to get some of the major planning out of the way. I take my 'Bride' title extremely seriously, ya'll. Anyway...

Our venue search began immediately, and I mean that quite literally. We had a very narrow window of time once our airplane landed to jump in the car and catch a last-minute appointment at one of our top two picks. Talk about stressful! Let me also not fail to mention that our flight was delayed an hour leaving San Diego... Thank goodness for Southwest Airlines, where the motto should be 'sit down, shut up, buckle up!'. The pilot did some fancy flight work and got us to our final destination only 20 minutes behind schedule. 

The first venue we looked at is a beautifully restored 1883 Victorian mansion seated in downtown Austin. Architecturally, it is gorgeous. The space has high ceilings and creaky old wooden floors and a gorgeous wrap around porch, perfect for a cocktail post-wedding ceremony. The interior is a little small, but elegant, warm, and inviting nonetheless. The exterior features a century old Oak tree, meticulously wrapped in twinkly lights with crystal chandeliers hanging from it's low hanging branches. Absolutely stunning! 

Our next appointment wasn't for another day, so we had a day to explore our old stomping grounds. Following an early morning [Central Standard Time] wake-up call and fueled by Starbucks, Spencer and I met his family (who were in town visiting) for brunch before heading out to McKinney Falls. Despite the unseasonably chilly weather, we had a great time and took some gorgeous pictures in the bluebonnets. The next morning, my parents picked us up from the hotel and took us out to a late breakfast so we could catch up a bit before our last appointment. 

Despite the rainy weather, we were excited to see our second venue! Completely different than the first, this one is a a 17-acre secluded ranch-turned-wedding-venue perfectly situated for gorgeous views of the hill country. Also a historic site, it was purchased by the current owners who have taken extreme care to keep the property native to the land. The ranch features the original fireplace, reconstructed using natural stone found on the site, as one of the primary wedding ceremony backdrops as well as reclaimed pine wood trusses from the nearby 2011 fires on the interior. A darling little preserved 1800's-era log cabin sits just outside, begging to be the center of outdoor attention. A bit more sprawling than the previous, this place has a little bit of everything all in one spot!

Once we had seen both locations, we knew almost instantly where we wanted to be married. Of course, I started stressing immediately. What if the date we wanted is already booked? Will it be too cold in the early spring for an outdoor wedding? What if all the nearby hotels are already booked up? We didn't waste any time starting the phone calls around town, checking on pricing and availability, all the while I played Devil's Advocate with myself weighing out the pros and cons of each location. 

After several hiccups and one very stressful 24 hours, we finally reached the conclusion we had been waiting for. We booked our wedding venue! However, because we have yet to sign a contract; I'm keeping all information strictly tight lipped until we sign on the dotted line. Superstitious, you know.

 But in the meantime... yay! We can't wait to start this next chapter in our lives!

because we had a 'venue shopping entourage' at our last location,
my mom snapped a couple of pictures of Spencer and I. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

bluebonnets + mckinney falls + austin, texas

The early indicators of spring in Texas can only mean one thing: Bluebonnets

If you're not familiar with the state flower of the Lone Star State, allow me to give you a brief introduction. Bluebonnets, or Lupinus texensis, are temperamental little flowers that must be given proper wind and rain over the course of several months in order to bloom like crazy for a very short amount of time in the spring. In other words: they are weeds

But we Texans have a soft spot for them. 

In fact, the region of Texas where I grew up is widely acknowledged as being one of the best places to come and view them every year, namely because of the wide open spaces. We home-towners know that as soon as you see the first speckles of that deep cobalt blue, you'd better find another route into town because soon the highways are soon crawling with people who come from all over the state to take "bluebonnet pictures". It's equally annoying as it is flattering. 
Fun fact: It is widely considered illegal in the state of Texas to pick bluebonnets. Of course, this is actually a myth, perpetuated by our mothers, but to this day I have never picked/harmed/destroyed a single one. True. Story. 

We just returned from a long weekend in Austin, Texas to do a little venue scouting [more on that later]. While we were there, we had the privilege to see our beloved state littered with blue and white flowers. These flowers grow wild along the side of the highway, in open pastures, and in every nook and cranny imaginable. Like I said, for all intents and purposes they are weeds...but they are gorgeous. 

While we were visiting, we hiked McKinney Falls State Park and took a stroll through the lush fields of bluebonnets. Because the flowers grow wild all over my parent's property, I've never taken "bluebonnet pictures". Seeing as how we had the opportunity right in front of us, Spencer and I took advantage. We were both surprisingly pleased at how well they turned out. Of course, the backdrop was a great place to start. 

Once we took pictures, we began our hike around the Falls. Unfortunately, the water was too low to see the waterfalls in action, but that didn't stop us from enjoying the crisp, cool natural beauty of the park. Here are a few pictures from our afternoon. Enjoy! 

Warning: This is a photo-heavy post, but with Texas Hill Country views like these, it must be so.