Sunday, January 5, 2014

holiday happenings.

We had a wonderful Christmas vacation! We spent the majority of it in Amarillo with Spencer's family, but managed to squeeze in a few days to ourselves in SD. We were even among the lucky ones to score tickets to the Holiday Bowl in order to watch our Texas Tech Red Raiders claim a victory against the Arizona State Sun Devils! 

Here's a few snapshots through the lens of my iPhone. Enjoy!

we kicked off our break by opening a mound of gifts from my parents!
the only thing that could have made it better would've been if they'd been there to enjoy it with us!
spencer's mom's tree.
pretty gift wrap + bows + glitter make my heart sing :)
we did a lot of movie watching by the fire...
current flick: love actually
we i drank a lot of hot cocoa.
in flannel jammie's.

don't make me remind you of what happened last year.
at least this time around, i came prepared :)
...and lounging by the fire.
spencer and his cute family before heading out to celebrate our engagement!
for the record... it's really difficult to get five people into a picture...
with everyone's eyes open!
loving that the champagne seems to always be present!
i'll keep soaking it up for as long as possible :) 
back in san diego and headed to the bowl game!
the US navy seals parachuted in to the stadium
from a height of 4,000 feet. incredible!
...and they landed with perfection.  
the 'goin band from raiderland' rocked the halftime show! 
wreck 'em :)


Cece said...

Hot cocoa, wine, and jammies-sounds perfec to me. Glad you got to fit in some time at home too. We have that same rug but ours is red. My husband wanted to get tickets to the bowl game but I guess he tried too late.

afairlie said...

Cece: Right?! Why can't that happen every day? And regarding the rug... best $20 I ever spent!

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