Tuesday, January 21, 2014

pOp-ing the question!

I wrote this post a while back, but had to ensure that all recipients had received their packages before posting about it. Would hate to spoil the surprise! :)

We've officially been engaged for over a month {yay!} and the time has come to start making some big (read: important!) decisions. Like...
Where are we getting married? 
When are we getting married? 
What's the cutest way to phrase 'will you be my bridesmaid'?

Just kidding on that last one... kind of, but not really.

I'm not entirely sure how brides planned weddings prior to Pinterest, but for those of you that did kudos to you. I mean, there is such an insane {insane!} amount of useful information on that site for planning a wedding, that you may never see the same pin twice. And honestly... quite often in the 'wedding' category, I don't!

Which led me to a predicament when I was gathering inspiration for a "will you be my bridesmaid?" gift for the beautiful ladies I've asked to be in the wedding party. That is, how can one ever be completely original?

I've seen the latest trends in 'popping the question' to your girlfriends. I love the idea of giving them a little gift up front, as a token of your friendship and your appreciation to them for standing with you on your wedding day. Of course, I didn't have any trouble with scheming up the appropriate gifts to give. I mean, who doesn't love gold + glitter + champagne + bows!  {...and if you don't, are you sure we're really friends??}
I'm kidding. Kind of kidding.

I scoured the Internet for hours looking for any appropriate phrasing to somehow combine all of the seemingly random ideas together. I kept coming up empty handed. Naturally, the one time I was hopeful to just 'interpret' another idea, I was completely out of luck. :)

Fortunately, in the long run, I played around with enough puns and synonyms and oxymorons that I decided to stop thinking so literally about the question. That's when I came up with this little catch phrase.

It was the perfect little tagline to accompany the sweet little bracelet and mini bottle of champs! Each bridesmaid received a bow bangle from Kate Spade--one of my all-time favorite fashion designers and just general inspiration for living a happy, fancy life! I love her girly, classy, whimsical brand and plan on incorporating that same style into the little details of the wedding. Champagne is another favorite of mine--it's refreshing, crisp, and makes even an ordinary Tuesday feel like a celebration! 

So far, I was able to ask all but one bridesmaid in person, but this little guy had to go through my trusty friends at the United States Postal Service. Each one was carefully packaged, and sealed with a personalized care notice and a card on the inside.

I am having waaaay too much fun with all of the little details there are in planning this wedding! As you might have suspected, the whole she-bang will be a big celebration of DIY. Stay tuned, and I promise to share more of the little details with you all!


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