Wednesday, January 29, 2014

what's new? [but i promise: nothing old, borrowed, or blue]

Because I like to keep my promises and that includes not turning this blog into wedding headquarters, coupled with the fact that it's been a minute since I gave you all a life update, I just thought I'd pop in and share a little of our lives in 2014!

First of all, is it seriously almost February... seriously?! I really feel like we were I was just popping corks to ring in the new year! (I say me, because long story short, Spencer had bronchitis on NYE, so after a Domino's pizza [how. lame. are. we.] and a little Emergen-C, he passed right out on the sofa. Me, not wanting to let that chilling bottle of champs go to waste, popped a bottle and had a little mini party right there next to him!) THAT is love, my friends!

But really... it's February in just a couple of days and rumor has it, the Girl Scouts are already making their way around town, peddling their wares. Damn them, and their Tagalongs (read: Peanut Butter Patties, for those of you who call them by the correct name).

I've been working really hard on my resolutions, and so far so good. After a ton of research, I finally broke down and bought a Clarisonic Mia2. I'd been looking at them for a long time and wondering if they were really as good as all of the reviewers were saying. I'm only a week into using mine, and I love it! Once you get past the scary, holy-cow-why-is-my-skin-freaking-out?! phase, it's all downhill. Also in an effort to keep my skin glowing, I've been amping up the green smoothie fuel. I. Love. Green. Smoothies. So. Much. For Christmas, I got a Vitamix and my world has changed. I mean that! It sounds so silly to say that a blender is your favorite kitchen gadget, but on the reals, this thing is legit! The more difficult of the resolutions to stick with is resisting the urge to reach for my phone at night, but I'm making progress and can honestly say that I've been far less stressed than ever before. And that's saying a lot... considering work started out with a bang this year. A win for everyone.

Also it's a bit belated, but Spencer celebrated his 29th birthday last week! We played it pretty low-key since his big day fell on a week day, but nonetheless had a great day celebrating! He's totally fine with the fact that it's his last year as a 'twenty-something', but I am freaking out. To think that this year will mark my ten-year reunion from high school is a thought that I am willingly ready to push past. It feels like yesterday that we were roaming the halls, counting down the minutes until school was out, reminiscing about the past weekend and simultaneously planning the next one. Can't. Deal.

Our weekdays have been full of DVR watching (it's Juan-uary, people!) and our weekends full of friends and celebrations. So much fun, this new year has been.

I heard on the radio today that 'winter has come to San Diego'. Please don't take this lightly... we are talking 50 degree temps here. It's totally laughable, I know. In all seriousness, it's been horribly dry here which has increased fire hazard levels from high to very high. It's supposed to rain all weekend, which will be a welcome change. I adore rainy weekends in SoCal. The perfect excuse to relax and recharge...maybe knit a little, maybe read a little, maybe watch a movie or two. After all, when it's too foggy to even see the Pacific, what good is being outdoors at all? :)

taken in coronado island. our happy place. 


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