Sunday, February 23, 2014

planting season.

Every year around this time, my mind starts to wander. I start to dream big.

One of my most favorite parts about this time of year is planting.

Planting what, you might ask? Anything and everything. Really, it doesn't matter. 

The first year I really got into planting, I started out like any good beginner with some annuals and vining plants. Those fared pretty well for me... when I remembered to water. Eventually, I graduated into succulents and cacti [and really, have never looked back since]. The second year, I got brave. I rather foolishly spent a ton of time researching potted vegetable gardens. All of the gorgeous images of tomatoes and peppers and lettuce [oh my!] had me shooting for the stars in terms of my little patio garden. Despite the fact that I probably spent more time, money, and sanity in organic pesticides and Epsom salt sprays than a person ever really should... the bugs eventually got the best of me and my garden. I was totally crushed. So much so, that the next year came and went and I thought little more than nothing about planting anything. Somewhere in there, I had a brief stint with sunflowers, a lime tree took root, and the succulents remained a constant.

It had been a long time since I've aimlessly roamed around a plant nursery [one of my favorite things to do!], but today when a friend gave a suggestion to check out a cute little nursery near our house, my wheels got to turning again. I pulled my car into an oasis of lush greens and bright, cheery flowers and before I even reached for the door handle I knew I was, yet again, in trouble.

I managed to find some air plants... which I had been searching for forever! I adore these little guys! They are so unique and modern, and best of all... no soil required! I love seeing all of the container DIY's for these little cuties. I had a couple of glass jars and a handful of rocks close by, so for now, that's where they've taken up residency.

Then of course, I saw one of Southern California's prized gems... the Ranunculus. These flowers are gorgeous! Spencer likes them too, and since it had been a while since we had any on our patio, I figured why not? I chose purple, orange, and red flowers to start Spring out on a bright note.

I might get brave again this year and venture back into the world of edible planting. Who knows? As for now though, I got my fix and will enjoy these little pretties for the weeks to come.


Cece said...

My husband loves planting things and wants to have a vegetable garden some day when we get a bigger house. I will say that the act of planting can be very relaxing but I don't like bugs or touching dirt and if I have to water something every day it's probably gonna die!! Hope your Ranunculus thrive!

afairlie said...

Haha that's why you leave the dirt and bugs to him! You just get to sit outside with a glass of wine and watch it grow! ;)

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