Friday, February 14, 2014

valentine's goodies!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Like I've said before, I'm a big fan of any day that voluntarily celebrates red, pink, chocolate and love. Even so, Spencer and I have never really gone too far out on Valentine's Day. We always get each other a little something, but try to keep it relatively modest. Obviously for me, that means crafting up something special!

This year, I found these sweet little zippered pouches at Michaels Arts & Crafts store for around $2 a piece. They were cute, whimsical, somewhat(?!) masculine, so I snatched one up. Knowing what a big coffee drinker Spencer has become (quite the different tune from last year), I decided to slip a Starbucks gift card inside, along with a sweet little note. Seeing as how the theme was already created for me, setting up the rest of it was a no-brainer. 

I really mustache you a question... 
Will you be my Valentine?
*There's supposed to be a Starbucks gift card inside... but Cupid was a little behind this year! ;)
The first {and maybe only!?} year I get to address the card to my future hubby!
Aside from gifting up some sweets for my handsome man, I'm also pretty stoked to be passing out these adult-friendly, girly Valentine gifts as well. Ya'll know I'm a huuuuuuuge fan of the champs, so when these individual, pink moscatos caught my eye, I knew just what to do with them! Each one is paired with a pink and white stripy straw and ready for sipping! Right from the bottle if you want... no judgement here. ;)

Valentine's Day falls on a Friday... could that be any more perfect?! 

Right... so I did mention that these were adult-friendly gifts... but how stinking cute is that Hello Kitty in her hot pink heart shades and heart-themed sundress? I. die. 

*Confession: I totally bought one for myself. I mean, really... how could I not? I know, I know... ridiculous, yet I still feel no buyer's remorse on that one.

Lastly, a little something for the office crew. :)

I bought a big gift set of these cheapie little lip glosses post-holidays on a massive clearance. The colors were fun, so I thought, why not? I packaged each one up with a small wine-themed magnet and a handmade gift tag.

Why wine magnets? I don't know... I just had them?

Then for the one boy in our office (who I wasn't so sure would be down for piling on the lip gloss-ha!), I found these re-useable ice cube 'rocks'. You pop 'em in the freezer and use them in your drink just like you would ice cubes, but the plus is that they don't melt.

Well, the pun there came pretty naturally. ;)

That's all for my little Valentine's bag of tricks!

What are you guys up to for Valentine's Day? Big plans or laying low? We'll be hanging out around the house, likely sipping one of those fancy pink champagne cocktails! At least... I know one of us that will be! ;) 


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