Tuesday, March 18, 2014

it's gettin' *real* up in here...

Real SERIOUS, that is.

that's right... there's officially a label on the wedding binder. 
That's right, folks. Wedding Planning is underway! I mean technically, yes, it's been underway for a while... but real things (read: more than just Pinterest planning) are starting to happen!

Liiiiiiike... we are headed to Austin soon-ish to look at venues... *squeal*!

We've narrowed it down to a couple of places that we'd like to go see. We've made appointments with the venue owners to take tours, meet for questions, and discuss contracts. We've even tentatively picked a date.

I know... watch out. It's really we're really getting married or something. 

As excited as we are to be in our beloved Austin again, we are most excited about getting this proverbial ball rolling. As I've said before... wedding planning is hard. Anyone that tries to tell you otherwise is a LIAR... and you can tell them I said that. There are so many moving parts and things to consider--and that's just choosing the date! I know it would be a tad easier if we were actually living in the city where we were getting married (what a concept!), but ultimately this is what we want and where we chose to have our ceremony and reception with friends & family and well, that's just the best. I'm so excited!

I'll have more information to share after we get back from the Lone Star State, but until then I'll still be obsessively adding thoughts and ideas to the wedding binder, brainstorming wedding hashtags, and pondering some of life's most important questions... like "exactly how many pairs of wedding shoes do I really need? I mean... I should have a pair to go with every activity. Just sayin'". 

'Cause ya'll... it's all about priorities.


TDavenport said...

Good luck looking at the wedding venues! You'll have to update with details when you return! Enjoy ATX!!!

Cece said...

So much fun!! The hardest thing about wedding planning for me was making decisions and the budget; although if I didn't have a budget to worry about I'm sure the making decisions part would have been a lot easier. Enjoy it!

afairlie said...

Thanks, Tiffany! We are SO looking forward to it! Tex Mex here we come!!

afairlie said...

Cece YES! I agree entirely!! Ha!

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