Tuesday, April 8, 2014

bluebonnets + mckinney falls + austin, texas

The early indicators of spring in Texas can only mean one thing: Bluebonnets

If you're not familiar with the state flower of the Lone Star State, allow me to give you a brief introduction. Bluebonnets, or Lupinus texensis, are temperamental little flowers that must be given proper wind and rain over the course of several months in order to bloom like crazy for a very short amount of time in the spring. In other words: they are weeds

But we Texans have a soft spot for them. 

In fact, the region of Texas where I grew up is widely acknowledged as being one of the best places to come and view them every year, namely because of the wide open spaces. We home-towners know that as soon as you see the first speckles of that deep cobalt blue, you'd better find another route into town because soon the highways are soon crawling with people who come from all over the state to take "bluebonnet pictures". It's equally annoying as it is flattering. 
Fun fact: It is widely considered illegal in the state of Texas to pick bluebonnets. Of course, this is actually a myth, perpetuated by our mothers, but to this day I have never picked/harmed/destroyed a single one. True. Story. 

We just returned from a long weekend in Austin, Texas to do a little venue scouting [more on that later]. While we were there, we had the privilege to see our beloved state littered with blue and white flowers. These flowers grow wild along the side of the highway, in open pastures, and in every nook and cranny imaginable. Like I said, for all intents and purposes they are weeds...but they are gorgeous. 

While we were visiting, we hiked McKinney Falls State Park and took a stroll through the lush fields of bluebonnets. Because the flowers grow wild all over my parent's property, I've never taken "bluebonnet pictures". Seeing as how we had the opportunity right in front of us, Spencer and I took advantage. We were both surprisingly pleased at how well they turned out. Of course, the backdrop was a great place to start. 

Once we took pictures, we began our hike around the Falls. Unfortunately, the water was too low to see the waterfalls in action, but that didn't stop us from enjoying the crisp, cool natural beauty of the park. Here are a few pictures from our afternoon. Enjoy! 

Warning: This is a photo-heavy post, but with Texas Hill Country views like these, it must be so. 


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