Saturday, April 19, 2014

hoppy easter!

When Spencer and I started dating six years ago, the first thing I gifted him was an Easter basket, given that we started dating in March and that was the next gift-giving opportunity. Ever since then, I've given him a basket every year out of tradition. The poor man will be 75 years old and still getting chocolate bunnies and jellybeans, but until I hear him complain I'll keep on layering plastic eggs on top of plastic grass in brightly colored baskets. :)

We're staying pretty low-key this year, but I still hope there's a cup of strong coffee and some chocolate eggs for myself involved at some point. 

Happy Easter from our spirited, chocolate-overloaded home to yours!

yes, my fiancee is almost 30 and still gets an easter basket from me every. single. year. 
happy easter, peeps! 


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