Tuesday, June 24, 2014

checking all the boxes.

Wedding planning update! I’ve just returned from a week in Texas and all I can say is… WOW.

WOW. I’m exhausted.
WOW. We got a lot of wedding planning accomplished!
WOW. Wedding cake is just as delicious on the tenth tasting as it is on the first.
WOW. I am really regretting all of that wedding cake.
WOW. It’s HOT there.

I mean… really? I used to live there. For a really long time, actually. Like almost all my life. HOW IN THE WORLD…?! I took my spoiled rotten little Southern California-self right back down to where it was 72 degrees and breezy. Please and thank you.

Regardless of the weather, it was a fantastic trip! I flew into Austin late on Saturday evening, and by Sunday morning we were ready-and-roaring to tackle some wedding planning. I made a super delish Father’s Day brunch (if I do say so!) before Mom and I jetted off to Austin to spend the next several hours at the Bridal Extravaganza. If you’ve never been to such a thing, you’re really missing out. If nothing else then for the FOOD. Holy. Cow. Since we already knew that our wedding menu will include BBQ (surprise!), we only focused on the vendors serving BBQ, but there was everything there from mini pork sliders to oysters on the half shell. And the wedding cake… oh my gosh, the wedding cake. Never did I think would come a day that this little Bride-to-Be would be sick of eating wedding cake, but this day almost did me in. I probably had at least 10-12 samples of cake, and never had the same flavor twice. From vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream, to chocolate fudge with an espresso whipped topping, to lemon filled pound cake… I really had a little of everything! As I told Mom, that was the best $15.00 ever spent.

The following Monday was dedicated to staying local, and trying on my first few wedding dresses—eep! Afterward, we spent the next several hours mapping out and making appointments with vendors to fill some blanks on the already full itinerary. Tuesday morning, Mom and I headed back in to Austin for yet another full day. We started with another bridal store, where I ended up saying YES to a dress(!!), followed by a tour of one of the hotel blocks, then on to a tasting with the caterer, finishing with some inspirational shopping at the craft store. We didn’t have much down time, because bright and early Wednesday morning (and really, I do mean bright and early—we left at 6:30 AM, which was really 4:30 AM my time) we headed back out for a meeting with a potential florist. Afterward, we went back out to the venue to take a look at some of the on-site rentals and get a better idea of staging for the ceremony and reception. Ya’ll… I just love our venue. I mean really. I get so excited when we get to go out there, and it just makes me happy. A good sign, I’m sure of it. After that, we took a quick lunch break before heading out to meet with the baker for a complete cake tasting. *Side note: if you’re getting married and need a sidekick for the cake tasting… I’M YOUR GIRL. I think that’s my new favorite hobby. Serious. After that, we rolled down the street (almost literally) to a local pie company. Spencer, who doesn’t share my same love of frosted confections, has decided he’d rather have pie in lieu of a Groom’s cake. OK with me! We stopped in to get a few mini pies for me to take back to him. *Side note: I’m offering my taste-testing services here, as well. I don’t discriminate.

Thursday, we met with another potential florist, before escaping wedding planning for a few hours to attend a calligraphy class in Houston. Calligraphy is truly one of the most challenging and humbling things I’ve ever done, but I’m totally hooked on it! Then just like that, it was Friday and I was getting ready to head back to San Diego.

The ‘wedding week’ as we’ve deemed it, exceeded my expectations in terms of what was accomplished before I even left the state. To date, we’ve checked all the boxes for:

VENUE… booked!
CATERER… booked!
BAKER… booked!
DRESS… purchased!

And honestly, the remaining ‘big things’ should be tied up any day now. It’s totally unbelievable to me that we were able to accomplish that much in such a short period of time. I’m thankful mostly, because now it’s time to focus in on the nitty-gritty details (my absolute favorite part!).
walking around the venue with my wedding binder.
yeah... I have a wedding binder. who am I? a cruise ship director? #dork
This weekend, Spencer and I must have set some kind of record seeing as how we haven’t been to the movies together in forever; yet, we saw two shows in two days. Now that I have my dress, I was more than content to happily munch away on my apple chips while Spencer enjoyed the freakishly addicting movie popcorn.

OK… I’m lying. It totally sucked, but whatever you have to tell yourself, right!? ;)


Janice with Word of Mouth Designs said...

The week was waaayyyyy too much fun!!! I enjoyed every single minute of it ... particularly the taste testings!!! The Weight Watcher scale said I may have enjoyed that part a little too much. Sigh. Can't wait to start on the wedding details now. Give me an assignment! I'm ready!!!

Rema said...

I have but one response: GIT 'ER DUN! Way to go, friend. Tick, tick, tick those boxes. Productivity, you has it!

Cece said...

Sounds BUSY and exhausting!! but you guys were on it and got so much done. We really are spoiled here with our awesome weather. My sister is planning to move to TX and all I can think its HOT/HUMID!!!

Anonymous said...

Eee! I'm stalking your blog (aka catching up on my reading) and this made me SO excited for you!!!!!

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