Friday, November 14, 2014

my (yo)unique story.

If you follow me on Instagram, or if we're friends on Facebook, you've probably seen my posts in the last several weeks about Younique. If you haven't... allow me to make the introduction!
Younique is a direct-sales cosmetics and skincare company. They're probably most well-known for their Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes. This mascara gives length and volume that is unparalleled--and I truly mean that! All of their products from foundation to eyeliner are high quality, healthy, clean, and pure. 
My personal experience with Younique goes a little something like this.

June 2014: A friend of mine from college had started posting on Facebook about this "amazing new mascara" and what a game changer it had become in her daily routine. A lash girl myself, I was intrigued, but kept scrolling. Day by day, she would continue to post pictures and stats with promises to "increase your lash volume and thickness by 300%" and how it was waterproof and lasted all day. My curiosity began to grow when I noticed that more and more of our mutual friends were purchasing it--they were probably just as curious as I was!

May 2014: I gave in to the temptation. I PM'd (private messaged) my friend via Facebook and asked her to tell me a little more about it. To say I was skeptical was an understatement... but I was curious. I wasn't interested in a monthly subscription, or yet another overpriced cosmetic to add to my ever-growing collection. I already had a great lash primer and mascara, that I have used daily for the last six years from a major cosmetics company--to which I had been completely brand-loyal toward for almost a decade. I had definitely shopped around to get me to that point... tried drugstore brand after brand and high-end brand after brand. I wanted to try this new Younique mascara, if nothing more than to satisfy my curiosity.

Once it arrived, I tried it out the next morning. The process is essentially two steps--not unlike my typical routine. You first apply the 'gel', then the 'fibers' at the tips of your lashes, then seal with one more coat of the 'gel'. Both gel and fibers (made from green tea--all natural, remember!) are in mascara form, so application is super easy.

 Holy. Cow. I could not believe how crazy gorgeous my eyelashes looked! They were long, and volumized, and totally unlike the teeny-tiny, barely noticeable lashes I have sans makeup. What really got me though, wasn't the fact that they looked so good, but more so the staying power. By the end of a 12-hour day, I got home, looked in the mirror--and they looked as good as when I first applied the mascara! I was completely shocked. Even my favorite standby would eventually flake away to nothing by the end of the day (even with a primer), so the fact that these were still going strong really struck a chord with me. Furthermore, I was able to take all of my makeup off with one makeup wipe--same as I always do. I was amazed that they'd stayed on so well during the day, but came right off with a wet towelette. Plus, the fact that the set lasted 3-4 months was a deal breaker to me, as my normal mascara starts going south around 4 weeks.

Even though I was completely sold by this point, I thought that maybe there was something else out there that could work for me. I went back to my favorite candy land--Sephora--and loaded up on all of their highest rated mascaras. Each one I tried, just didn't give me the same effect.

I eventually placed a second order with my friend and realized "ahhh, this is what I've been missing". I was already sold, I just needed a little more proof for my ever-doubtful personality!

October 2014: By the time I went to place my third order, I decided I would really like to become a Presenter myself. At this point, I had only tried the mascara, but that was worth it enough for me (am I crazy!?). Never having done anything like this before, I signed up, and within a couple of weeks my Presenter's kit had arrived and I started playing around with some of the other products.

I could literally devote an entire post to each and every one of the products I have tried thus far... they are that good--but I will spare you! All I can say is that it's not just me! One of my most favorite products, the Uplift Eye Serum, has been on backorder for almost a month by this point, and it was only introduced September 1st! This one is hailed as 'Botox in a Bottle'--one look at the before and after pictures floating around social media, and you'll see why. It's INSANE! I'm ridiculously partial to the lip glosses (not sticky!), the pigments, the rose water, the primer, and the pressed powder... to name a few ;)

All in all, my journey with Younique has been a true blessing. I still cannot get over it sometimes, but I am so thankful I decided to give it a shot! I use the 3D lash mascara every | single | day. If you'd like to check out the company (or the mascara!) yourself, click here. I am happy to help with any questions you might have--in any capacity! That's what I'm here for :)

Here are a couple of my own pics--'cause I can't just rave about it and not share! :)

left eye: two coats of my favorite high-end mascara
right eye: one application of 3D fiber lashes. 
products used: eyes | moonstruck 3D fiber lashes
                          face | {cream } BB flawless & {velour} touch pressed powder
                          lips | {pompous} lip liner & {lucky} lucrative lipgloss
*FYI this photo was taken after 10 hours! all I touched up was the gloss and a touch of powder! 
products used: eyes | moonstruck 3D fiber lashes
                          face | {cream } BB flawless & {velour} touch pressed powder
                          lips | limited edition 'stiff upper lip' lip stain
*FYI this photo was taken after 14 hours! I only added the lip stain--no touch ups!
**apologies for the crappy lighting! 


Cece said...

Your application is the best I've ever seen of this mascara. A lot of people end up looking like spider eyelashes. Yours look amazing!! I do hear really good things about this stuff.

afairlie said...

Thanks, Cece! I definitely have a couple of tricks... nothing scarier than tarantula lashes! :) Should you ever decide to give it a try, give me a holler! Would be happy to help. Hope all is well! :)

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