Monday, January 26, 2015

[thirty] before 30...UPDATE!

Happy Monday, Friends!
I can't believe we are encroaching upon the end of January. I mean really... do you kind of want to start 2015 over again? I know I wasn't ready yet!
I'm taking a little break from wedding planning to share with you my pathetic progress on my [thirty] before 30. I mean it--I'm totally failing miserably! My hope is that after the wedding, I'm able to resume some sort of normal again! Right now and for the next 60 days (eep!) every ounce of free time is dedicated to the big day. Stick with me! I promise I won't be an absentee blogger forever! 

[thirty] before 30...UPDATE!

  1. Get married!
  2. Read five (5) fiction books. 
  3. Read five (5) non-fiction books. *I'm still working on the FIRST non-fiction book I started back in October... but I *have* updated my Goodreads. That totally counts... right? 
  4. Make our Christmas stockings. *Christmas has come and gone... and I'm in the same place I was on the first stocking when I started this post. Sigh. 
  5. Take a "real" day off. 
  6. Run a 5K.
  7. Host a party.
  8. Finish knitting the second sock.
  9. Travel to Julian, CA in the fall. 
  10. Create a signature cocktail.
  11. Take myself on a date.
  12. Start a wine journal. *Wine journal has been gifted! Pen hasn't touched the paper yet... wine = extra calories, extra calories are not a friend of wedding dresses. See #1. 
  13. Have a beach day.
  14. Lose 10 pounds. *Ah, another partial credit. 5 lbs. lost... woo!
  15. Try my hand at canning.
  16. Learn how to use my DSLR camera.
  17. Unplug for a whole day.
  18. Try a new exercise. *FINALLY! One I can mark off the list! I have been doing The 21 Day Fix and as a result, been lifting a lot of weights. I LOVE IT! I even see a teeny, tiny, minuscule bit of muscle definition in my legs. Who knew!? Let it be known that I still groan on pilates day, though... 
  19. Make a new friend. *I feel like I can strike this one off the list. I've met a few fellow designers that I enjoy seeing out and about socially, and have been re-acquainted with old high school acquaintances. 
  20. Sew a piece of clothing.
  21. Build up my savings account. 
  22. Try five (5) new meal recipes from Pinterest.
  23. Try five (5) new dessert recipes from Pinterest.
  24. Play a round of golf with Spencer.
  25. Develop a healthy skincare routine. *Definitely working on this one... 
  26. See a live music performance.
  27. Take the dog out for a 'Doggie Day' once a month. *My poor London dog. I'll have to double up after the wedding! 
  28. Cook at least one meal a week. *Meh... 
  29. Make a piece of art for our house.
  30. Take at least one (1) photo a month with Spencer. *I am saddest of all that this one is failing me. It's really a challenge for two people to try and hop in a picture together. I know we've got a couple from last year... will have to squeeeeze one in for January before the month ends. The 'selfie stick' we got for Christmas should help. If we ever take it out of the box... 
Hope you all are having a WONDERFUL new year! XOXO!


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