Sunday, February 22, 2015

i'm keeping this chalkboard...

Don't you hate when you DIY something for your wedding, then realize you have the perfect spot in your house to display it... and decide against using it in the wedding, after all?

Oops. :)

I had big plans for this little state of Texas. Back in October, while I was visiting Texas to get some wedding planning done, my Mom and I happened upon this wood cutout at Wal-Mart one evening. It was a steal at about $4.00 [including tax] so we thought "surely, we can use this somewhere!".

That was the plan, anyway. I was going to make it into a chalkboard, and do a little diagram of our love story. It was going to be adorable... she was born in south central Texas, he was born in the panhandle of Texas. They met in west Texas, and lived together in the hill country before whisking off to California, only to return to the hill country to get married. Totally romantic, right?! It was going to make an awesome story board... but by the time the chalk hit the board [literally] the destination lines looked more like a pile of tangled headphones.

Strike one. 

Then, I thought it would be cute to display at the bar--to use as our 'bar menu'! The only problem is... it can only hold about three drink titles, minimum. And, well... we've got a few more than that! :-)

Strike two. 

By that point, I just started doodling. I'd been designing cocktail napkins all afternoon, and I was feeling artistic. And being that I was in the 'wedding spirit', I decided to draft up an 'established on' family sign. Let me go on record by saying I am a HORRIBLE chalkboard artist. I give major credit to those individuals who can pull off this art form... I am not ashamed to say that I cannot. My spacing is always off, and I tend to drag my hand through the fresh chalk which smears it across the board. In an effort to make it better, I sweep and blow and dust... and then it becomes a real comedy of errors. But, I was mildly pleased with the way this particular one came out, so... I thought I'd let it marinate for a while.

While waiting for my cup of coffee to finish brewing, I glanced up at a glaring blank spot on our kitchen wall. It appeared to be the perfect size for a Texas-shaped chalkboard. :-) I hurried back to the craft room to grab it, and lo and behold... it was a perfect fit! There was no hanger on the back of it, but my trusty friend the 3M Command Strip came to the rescue. I thought I'd leave it up until Spencer got home, just to get a reading on him, but then it started to grow on me... and him, too.

Every time I look at it, I'm reminded of a cute story from my Mother-in-Law. I never had the opportunity to meet her parents, but from the way she talks about them, they lived like newlyweds until their last day. Absolutely precious. They apparently had this chalkboard in their kitchen (or was it dining room?... ) where Spencer's grandfather would leave his grandmother little love notes. Sadly, his Grandfather passed away before his time, but not without leaving one last note for his bride. He'd scribbled on the chalkboard some days before his passing, a note that simply read "I LOVE YOU". I'm told that she never erased it.

I love that little story so much. And I love our little chalkboard. It's an every day reminder of our "home" and a sweet little addition to our kitchen.

Needless to say... this one won't make it back to Texas with us for the wedding. :-) Oops.


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