Friday, March 13, 2015

treat yo'self.

As we're nearing the wedding date [14 days from today, ahhhh!], I am finalizing all of the little details for the wedding--everything from making sure the Groom has wedding day appropriate dress socks, to ensuring that the envelopes for the vendors are the right size to hold a monetary tip [because yes... I am totally the person that stresses over the size of the tip envelope!].

Somewhere in the midst of all of that, I realized that it might be time to treat myself to a new clutch purse to use on the big day, and well... just for the heck of it. With the exception of the [very plain, but very efficient] black satin clutch I purchased on Amazon a couple of weeks ago, to take to a wedding this past weekend, I have been using the same "evening bag" since... wait for it... you really won't believe it... eighth grade.

WHAT!??! Yep, I said it.
8th Grade, people. 
The year of Teen Spirit, "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It", and the only time in your life your popularity hung in the grips of whether or not you owned a pair of Doc Martens.
True. Story. 
[My hometown peeps will get that last reference].


Yes, it's true. I have been using the same, silver, beaded seashell bag since it's inception at the eighth grade dance. From that day forward, I used it for all three proms I attended, the homecoming court celebrations my senior year, to countless weddings in college.

The thing is a little beat-up to put it nicely... and wasn't 'all that and a bag of chips' to begin with.

Sorry... still reliving the year 2000 over here.

I could not / would not / should not use the well-loved Little Mermaid trinket bag for my wedding. I was out shopping this afternoon when I stumbled upon this pretty, Tiffany blue clutch... WITH A BOW. Has anything ever called my name so much in my life? I think not!

One thing crossed my mind: treat yo'self. It's OK to splurge a little on yourself... even in the midst of wedding planning. I snagged this cutie little credit card holder, too.

Can't wait to use these pretties on the big day!

Speaking of... I'm signing off until then. Will see you all again... when the monogram changes! ;)


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