Friday, May 29, 2015

newlywed life: the last two months.

Well, well… where does the time go? My last post was over a month ago! Oh wait… we moved. I remember now where all my “free time” went. :)

While I’m still getting together an obligatory ‘wedding post’ – complete with pictures! woo! – In the meantime, and in honor of our two-month anniversary on Wednesday (aweee), I thought I’d share a peek into what our lives have been like as newlyweds. The past two months have flown… almost as fast as the two months leading up to the wedding. We’re finally starting to slow down a bit – a welcome break – and our new little home, lovingly referred to as our ‘casita’ has taken shape and we are really happy there.

I’ve baked a ton of cookies – gotta use all the new registry gadgets, right?! – and we’ve enjoyed several meals from the food trucks that come to our neighborhood on Thursday nights. We’ve started back up our lazy Sunday afternoon tradition of movie-watching [current series: Star Wars… I’m obsessed!] and have traveled around SoCal a bit [I went to Pasadena for Vogue Knitting Live and Spencer spent the day in Long Beach golfing last weekend]. We’ve hit up the gym to burn off those cookies, and we’ve indulged in a couple of bottles of really good wine. We’ve completely unpacked the house, but we’re still missing the essentials – like a garbage can… and a dining room table. LOL. We’ve tried new dinner recipes… and new cocktail recipes. It’s all been fun. :)

Normally, I wouldn’t post so many unstaged pictures, but in the effort of showing real LIFE… here’s a little glimpse. I’ll be back soon with more [exciting] pictures and stories :)

Until then!
hubs and I this past weekend :)
***still working on taking at least one photo a month of us together for my 30 before 30***
getting to meet one of my favorite knitting authors at Vogue Knitting Live! #nerdproblems
taking sweet london for one last romp in our favorite park in the old neighborhood 
have you ever moved? it's TERRIBLE. stuff...everywhere.
one of the first 'real meals' made in the casita... a quiche. so simple and delish.
why don't we make these more often?
mother's day flower's from my sweet girl :)
the perfect margarita: mastered. 
our first CSA box... super fresh and delicious!
thankful for a hubs who likes to cook!
simple dinner, but oh so good -- chicken apple sausage and peppered eggs :) mmmm!
chocolate chip cookie recipe: mastered
please note... I've been making homemade chocolate chip cookies for years
(no tollhouse for this girl, thank you)... but I switched up a couple of ingredients
this last time and wow! made a world of difference.
will post recipe another time :)
I mean... 
last night's food truck :)
that container? crawfish etouffee... that greasy bag? beignets