Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas 2015

Happy Holidays, Friends!

We are here – this is it. CHRISTMAS 2015 is upon us. (PS—how?!).

I had these grand plans of sharing with you all carefully photographed pictures of our happy little holiday home, that I’d meticulously uploaded and painstakingly edited using just the right levels of brightness, color, etc. to create a ‘picture perfect’ glimpse into our seasonal d├ęcor. But… to be honest with you… I’ve basically only slept at our house this month! In between feverishly wrapping gifts, baking up the quickest and easiest treats to take to parties, and attending a whopping EIGHT parties / events… our sweet little decorated casita has been sitting quietly.  I am SO THANKFUL for partially decorating before Thanksgiving; otherwise, I might not have enjoyed it much at all! We’ve been so busy that I’ve seriously missed some of my traditional favorites (baking and delivering cookies, Christmas movies—we haven’t watched ANY!, trekking out to Coronado to see The Del decorated for the season), BUT we’ve had a WONDERFUL time seeing friends this month! Seriously, our hearts are so full and grateful – and I love that even more!


Without further ado… here are a few pictures of our happy little home, decorated for the season, as seen from my iPhone lens. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!