about me.

Hi, ya'll!

That's me. I'm Adrienne.

Welcome to my blog, AB takes CA. I started this blog as a means to keep up with my family & friends back in my home state of Texas.
You see, I am a Texas girl. I just happen to live in California.

I landed here in July of 2011, due to a career move by my sweet boy. He works in the golf industry and was offered a position at one of the leading golf companies in the world. His acceptance of the job was a no-brainer... if I would go with him.

And here we are. 

Shortly after we moved here, I accepted a position as a commercial designer at a local interior design firm. We settled in to a little beach community and have been loving life under the palms ever since.


What I do: As I mentioned, I am a commercial designer. My career path chose me. I was born to a father in construction and a mother who works as a specifications writer at an architectural firm. From an early age, I've had an eye for color and design and my passion for interiors has worked its way into every inch of my personal and professional life. I love what I do and therefore, I do what I love.

When I'm not at work, I'm at home with my sweet boy {Spencer} our two "kids" {Chloe: Orange Tabby & London: Golden Retriever} knitting, baking, Pinterest stalking, tending to my growing patio garden, watching Netflix, obsessing over my next career hurdle, and Instagram(ing) my life away. This is my day to day.

What I don't do: If you want to call me and discuss new paint options in your master bedroom or the latest trends in home decor, I'd rather not. Please don't take offense... it's not you. It's me. First, it's not that I don't care about either of those things (or your interest in either of those things!), it's just not what I do. My interest lies on the commercial front. If you want to talk about the stunning backlit onyx application in the sushi bar downtown, or the insanely awesome suspended wood veneer ceiling panel installation at the airport, I'm your girl.

What you won't find on my blog: If you're looking for the latest and greatest in fashion trends to inspire your fall wardrobe, please... keep moving. You won't find that here. I could live in free t-shirts and Nike shorts and be happy as a clam for the rest of my days. You're also not going to find beautifully photographed gourmet meals or my perfectly decorated home straight from the pages of Dwell magazine... despite my desperate urge for both.

What you'll find on my blog: Honestly... there is no telling. Since this is a personal blog, I tend to write about whatever I feel like. You'll likely encounter mundane musings about my life, including but not limited to: gardening, knitting, cooking & baking (but remember... no elegant step-by-step photos here!), stories about my pets, and a few DIY projects sprinkled in here and there. Nothing special, but I promise to share it all with you--the good, the bad, and the fabulous!


Saskia said...

love all of this!

afairlie said...

Tried to be as honest as possible without sounding tooooo neurotic--even though I never really hide it! ;)

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